Facebook Ads in Los Angeles | Are You Using It Correctly?

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It’s a well-known fact that Facebook offers one of the largest, most powerful advertising platforms for businesses to reach their target audience. However, it can be frustrating to see how much trial and error and learning it takes to get everything right. Especially when you’re paying for it. Whether your Facebook Ads in Los Angeles haven’t gotten you a single sale or it feels like you’re not seeing any ROI, here are some common mistakes and how to fix them.

are my facebook ads in los angeles correct?

Are You Researching Your Audience?

Facebook is home to a diverse audience. Depending on what you’re selling, your audience could be bigger, smaller, or even completely different from the one you set out to target. With that being said, you’ll have to test out some audiences in the beginning but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a head-start with some educated guesses. One of the best ways to find interests you can target it to put yourself in the shoes of whoever you think your customer is. You can also use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to help brainstorm additional targeting ideas.

Is Your Target Audience Too Broad?

A common mistake with all paid advertising is going too broad with the audiences we choose to target. You might think everyone is a potential customer, but what you’re actually paying for it the people your ads reach. Why pay to reach the wrong people?

Are You Isolating What You’re Testing?

Insight is often undervalued in the search for results. It’s highly encouraged that you experiment and test things out with your Facebook Ads in Los Angeles. However, you can only really learn if you test one variable at a time. Testing different audiences, each presented with different ads, at different times won’t tell you much if you do stumble across something that gets you better results. Was it the audience? Was it the ad? A combination?

Are You Getting All the Value from Your Facebook Ads in Los Angeles?

Getting sales isn’t the only possible outcome you can get from your ads. In fact, there’s a lot of additional value you can get from an ad that “failed” to get you any customers.

You can:

  • Collect emails from visitors to your site.
  • Get more likes and comments on your post to build social proof.
  • Engage directly with people who comment on your ads to help them purchase.
  • Invite people who have liked or reacted to your page post to also like your Facebook Page.

Did You Customize Your Ad Content?

One of the great features that Facebook provides online advertisers is that it offers such precise tracking and targeting capabilities. Furthermore, if your ad content isn’t being tailored to refined audience segments, you’re only partially leveraging these capabilities. Once your ad content is customized, you should see an improved ROI. Creating a few ad variations, testing each one and selecting the best performing one for each audience will give you way better results.

am i setting up my facebook ads in los angeles right?

Facebook Ads in Los Angeles can take some time to get the hang of. As one of the most effective ways to distribute any message, it’s definitely worth investing a little time to learn. If you are in need of some assistance, our marketing specialists would be happy to take a look at your campaign. Contact us today for a FREE internet marketing analysis.

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