Facebook Ads in New York City | 2018 Facebook Ad Trends

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Welcome to 2018: Facebook ads are officially a crucial part of any modern marketing strategy. This new year has come with new features for the platform, with more options and ways for business owners to reach potential customers. To help you make the most of these updates this year and many years after, we listed out the most important Facebook ad trends of 2018 below. By utilizing these new trends and features, you optimize your Facebook ads in New York City better than ever before!


Will Facebook Ads in New York City help my business?


Video Ads

Research shows that Facebook users watch over 100 million hours of video a day. And Facebook ads are now reacting to this demand. Your business’s organic reach and paid posts can both benefit from creating more promotional videos. Creating just a few video Facebook ads can heavily improve your engagement. Also, this is a simple change to make without having to make any major changes to your budget or strategy.

New Ad Formats

Facebook ads have also expanded their ad format options. Business owners can now closely customize their ads to attain specific business goals. Some formats include Carousel ads, slideshow ads, and collection ads, just to name a few. All these different formats are beneficial in different ways and can be tailored to specific goals.

Facebook Ads That Keep Users on the Platform

Specific ad formats, such as lead ads and collection ads, keep users within the app as they interact with your ad and brand. Thanks to this simplified process, more prospects convert. The more you understand Facebook’s goals for user experience, the more you can get the most out of your Facebook advertising.


What are the benefits of Facebook Ads in New York City ?

Facebook Ads in New York City

Utilize these current Facebook features by leaving it to the pros! Facebook ads can be a successful tool to grow the reach of your business. At Digital Resource, we are in the business of growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can grow your company’s online presence with the use of Facebook ads.

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