Facebook Ads: The Definitive Guide

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In the past blogs, we have established why social media is important for your business and what potential customers are looking for when they visit your social media sites. The argument has already been established that your business’ presence on social media and Facebook in particular is essential to stay competitive in today’s modern market. In this blog, we will delve into a feature that your business could take advantage of to make your social media campaign pay off for you even more: Facebook Ads!

It is expected that social media ad spending will reach $11 billion by the year of 2017.  Advertising on Facebook specifically has grown over 680% since 2010 and there are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. It should be eminently clear from these statistics that Facebook Ads is popular and worth the investment, since so many businesses are doing it! Why you may ask? What sets this type of internet ad apart?

Facebook Ads: What is it?  

With Google Ads and other internet advertising methods, what you are doing is targeting a search that a potential customer would do to find a business such as yours. You find the key words they would use and you can pay to be the advertisement they see in the results. Where Facebook Ads differ, is you are actually targeting the audience, not what they are looking for.

Facebook Ads are perfect for targeting your audience

Facebook Ads have the most advanced targeting parameters in place to help your business reach exactly the customer you are looking for. You can target single parents, people who have expressed an interest in birds, homeowners, people who have expressed an interest in music, certain habits, and the list goes on! As a business, you can analyze who your customer is and then translate those characteristics into a Facebook advertisement.

This targeting method ensures that the people who would want to see your business, see your business and then perform the action you are advertising. There are several goals your ad can have and types offered by Facebook. Which should your business choose?

Facebook Ad Types: Which is for me?

In the process of advertising for your business online, you need to have a clear cut goal in mind, especially with Facebook Ads. There are ads that will increase traffic and leads to your website, ads that will increase your Facebook page followers and engagement, ads for app downloads, for driving physical traffic to an event or your store. The placement of the ads varies from the right column, newsfeed or mobile ads, and depending on your ad type one placement might do better than another.

Facebook Ad types and placements

The ads that will increase traffic to your website are a domain ad, a page post link and a multiproduct ad. A domain ad is a simple right column advertisement that gives the consumer a link to your site and a picture and description. Although this seems to simple, remember, even though it may be simple, the targeting that you input will make sure that this is shown to the interested and relevant consumer of your product, so these ads to perform!

Another type would be the Page post link, which is the most common type of Facebook Ad. This is usually a large enticing image that describes your business and shows up in a newsfeed. The multiproduct ad, or carousel ad is very similar, but displays several images that consumers can scroll through. All of these types would of course include a link to your page and a call to action connecting the consumer to your website in the headline and description.

Facebook ads that increase your Facebook page activity would be page boost engagement and page like ads. In both the call the action would be the famous Facebook “Like” button and by boosting posts, with images, videos and great content, you are basically showing your customers that your business’ page is worth following because it’s relevant and helpful to them, the consumers. This will lead them to “Like” your page, engage with your posts, add views to your videos or all of the above. Harboring this relationship will lead to a loyal customer base that wants to buy your product or service.

The advertisement specific to app downloads are for desktop or mobile and the call to action is the install or use now. You want to give them a reason to download the app, the value that the consumer will attain from adding this to their collection of apps, in the headline or description. Then there are also ads to raise local awareness, to advertise events and to claim special offers. Usually the action you want to be performed is a physical one in the case of these last three, and you can target an audience that would be most interested in your cause, coupon, or event, which will definitely increase the likelihood that the action will be performed!

Facebook Ads: Targeting Specifics

Facebook Audience, who you can target in your Facebook Ad campaign

Going back to the feature that truly sets Facebook ads apart from the rest, what kind of targeting can you do? There are several layers, the first being demographic targeting. In this category, you can target people by their location, age and gender. So if you are a boutique high end women’s purses store, you want to be targeting the woman, from probably ages 25 and up within a certain radius from your store.

Then you can get deeper, with the interest targeting. You can target a precise interest, like high end purses for example, or a behavior. Behaviors includes data like your customer’s purchase history or their intent. All the data that users input on Facebook can be used in the targeting of your advertisement.

Go into the third layer of your Facebook Ad, and you can target consumers based on their connections. You can include people who are connected to a certain page or like, exclude people or even include people whose friends are connected to a certain criterion. For example, if your Facebook Ad goal was to get people to “Like” your page, then in this section you could specify to exclude the consumers that have already liked your page. Or you could even target the consumers who like your competitors’ pages.

70% of Facebook monthly active users are connected to a local business or brand. We know that it is important to have a presence online, especially on social media outlets like Facebook. This is one of the incredible tools that you can use to build that presence and ultimately build your business.

And remember, if you have any questions or issues trying to set up Facebook Ads for your business, you can call us at 248-990-3179 or contact us online at our internet marketing company’s website! At Digital Resource, we are your resource for everything digital, and we can help grow your business using the best and most advanced tools and online methods! Contact us today!

With a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, Julie has years of experience advertising and marketing for several businesses including real estate brokerages and photography companies. She brings her background in writing, graphic design and communications, as well as her experience in the field, when assisting clients with their internet marketing needs. She treats every client with the upmost level of professionalism and care, ensuring everyone who works with Digital Resource has a smile throughout the process!

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