Facebook Advertising in Fort Lauderdale | 15 Fast Facts

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With over 1 billion daily active users, it’s no surprise that Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for businesses to advertise on today. Between targeting options, custom audiences, third party data, and analytical tools, Facebook advertising is a tool your business cannot miss out on. If you’re not already using Facebook advertising in Fort Lauderdale for your business, these 15 fast facts will change your mind!

How can I use Facebook advertising in fort lauderdale for my business?

15 Must Know Facts About Facebook Advertising in Fort Lauderdale:

  1. 5 million businesses spend money on Facebook advertising
  2. The most popular campaign goal is “post engagement” followed by “website clicks”
  3. Click-through rates are increased by 2.58x when adding a CTA button
  4. “Shop Now” is the most popular call-to-action button, accounting for 74% of Facebook ads
  5. “Learn More” is the second most popular CTA
  6. Ad clicks are increasing 70% year after year, and ad click-through rates are increasing 160%
  7. Facebook desktop ads have 8.1x higher click-through rates than normal web ads
  8. Mobile ads on Facebook have 9.1x higher click-through rates than normal web ads
  9. Facebook Ads targeting a customer audience have a 387% greater conversion rate than ads targeting only based on demographics
  10. Advertising on Facebook costs less than any other online marketing channel
  11. Advanced targeting options allow you to reach a local or global audience like never before
  12. 75% of brands use promoted posts to increase engagement
  13. 95% of businesses on Facebook said that this platform gave the best return on investment out of all other social media platforms
  14. 70% of businesses rate Facebook advertising as a critical part of their marketing campaign
  15. You can reach 1000 people with only $0.25Facebook advertising in Fort Lauderdale can help grow your business!

How Can I Start Using Facebook Advertising for My Business?

To get started using Facebook ads your business will need first need to define a goal. What do you want to accomplish with your ads? Your goal can be anything from gaining more “likes” to promoting a special offer or sending people to your website. Next, you will need to decide your target audience and the budget for your ads. With Facebook advertising in Fort Lauderdale, you are in control of your budget and can stop a campaign at any time. Lastly, your business will need to decide what type of content you are going to use for the ads, such as photos or videos. Though these seem like a few simple steps, creating a successful campaign is not easy and takes time and effort.

So are you ready to start utilizing the power of Facebook ads? If so, contact Digital Resource today! We are experts in Facebook advertising and have a track record of creating the most successful campaigns for our clients. Don’t waste any more time and give us a call at 561-429-2585 so we can begin to build you the most beneficial campaign for your business! You can also connect with our West Palm Beach Facebook Advertising Company online today! We look forward to helping you grow your business through the internet!

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