Facebook For Business: The Definitive Guide

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If all the customers you could ever ask for were congregated in one central location, waiting for you to show them your product or service, would you go to them and connect or would you waste the opportunity and go to a different location?

What emerged as a social networking forum has become one of the most important tools a business owner can have in their marketing arsenal. Facebook has become an essential part of people’s lives and many companies are realizing that they can use this to help grow their business. It is that imaginary congregation of all your perfect customers, waiting for you to present to them… Except that it’s a reality!

Managing your business’ Facebook page effectively can lead to increased growth, more sales, and a loyal customer base. However, if it’s managed poorly, your audience may not be able to find you or even worse be turned off to your business. The following paragraphs go into detail on how your business can capitalize on Facebook and use it for the betterment of the company.

Effective Page Design

Although some people feel that the page itself does not have a lot of customization options to help your business, it does! After deciding on the name for your company’s Facebook page, you can pick a vanity URL. That is what you will use for flyers and emails, so make it simple, but descriptive. Updating the “About” section will also aid customers in finding out what your company is and it also benefits your company’s SEO. Being that your Facebook page is indexed by Google, adding key words into your description, mission, awards, products, etc. will lead you to be more optimized for search engines.

Facebook Page Design for Business

Then there are the initial photos that potential customers will judge when deciding whether or not to “Like” your page- your cover photo and profile picture. Your cover photo will be the first photo that a potential customer sees when they visit your page. Make sure it is clear, interesting, and that it tells a story. This represents your company and your brand, so make sure the picture you choose tells the consumer who you are as a company. Your profile picture is equally as important, as this is the image your followers will see in their newsfeed every time you post. Although a logo is effective, you can also use a face, as people do like connecting with companies on a more human level. It is critical though, that whatever pictures you are using, they are clear and the correct dimensions.

Another feature to customize your page is the tabs section. This area is beneficial for push your business’ goals. For example, if you want to share with consumers more about a product, add a tab with additional details. If you want to increase subscribers, “Likes”, followers, etc, you can add a contest tab or a buying tab- the possibilities are numerous!

Effective Page Operation

At this point you have to be aware of what content to post, how to post it, and how and who to interact with as your business. As far as the content goes, you want to make sure what your posting is diverse and interesting. Questions you may want to keep in mind are “What is useful to my audience” and “what are their struggles that I can help them with?” With every post that you do, you want to be offering some sort of value to the consumer and with those two questions in mind you will be in the right mind set to find content. Then when you know what you are going to post about, make sure it looks appealing. In other words, use images, make the post brief and engaging by posing questions or tagging other pages.

Effective Page Management

You most certainly want to be interactive on your page. People who took the time to “Like” your page are going to expect that they can connect with you just as they connect with a friend on Facebook. They may ask questions, “Like” posts, comment on posts; and you have to make sure that you’re there to respond to their conversations! If it’s not already, make sure the message feature is enabled to allow your followers to private message you. This is another method that your customer base will use if they have questions concerning your service or product. All of these connections are time consuming, but they ultimately lead to a more loyal customer base that will spread the word about your business on Facebook and lead to a larger clientele base. Another way to add a personal touch is by creating milestones. Facebook followers love to see the journey of a business. With each milestone, you’re telling the story of your business and connecting with your audience. This will again, lead to a more loyal client base.

Effective Advertising

The users on Facebook share an incredible amount of information. With this information, a wonderful opportunity is presented for Facebook Ads, that you cannot find anywhere else, and that is the targeting. The numerous options that you can use to target potential clients gives you the ability to customize a message and zone in on your ideal audience.

Facebook Ads for Businesses

Facebook Ads can be used to gain more “Likes” and also to boost posts. You can do ads with images, which get more engagement than those without, you can narrow or broaden your audience to your choosing. It is a wonderful opportunity for any business page because it brings awareness to the people who would be interested in being made aware of your product or service. You are paying for extremely targeted marketing and so your response will be incredibly high. This will not only expose your business to the people who you are targeting, but also when they “Like” your page, it will expose your business page to all of their friends and even more potential clients.

This goes back to the beginning, where the hypothetical situation was raised. The good news is it is not a hypothetical anymore. With Facebook, you do have all your clients in one central location, although it may not be physical, they are all there, present, and waiting for you to present to them. Don’t go to a different location, take this opportunity by the reins and present your business to them!

Not sure what to say or how to do it? That’s okay, we’re here to help. At Digital Resource, we specialize in Social Media marketing including content posting, customer relation management and Facebook Advertising. We can manage your page and engage with your audience, ultimately helping you to grow your business! Interested in finding out more? Give us a call today at (248) 990-3179 or visit us online!


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