Facebook Live: 4 New Features for Businesses

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Facebook Live may have just recently launched, but it’s already expanding its features. Facebook Live has a vast amount of benefits. It helps attract more followers and engages them in ways like never before. These new features create even more benefits and opportunities. Below are the 4 new Facebook Live features for your business!

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1. Ability to post live videos to your business and event pages.

The first new feature is all about where you can post the live streaming videos. You are able to broadcast live video to your business page. This will automatically be available to the public. To access this feature, just click on your page’s publish button and click on the live video option.

You also have the ability to broadcast live video to event pages. This includes not just events you are hosting, but also events that you’ve been invited to. These live videos are visible to anyone who can see the event. The ability to post live videos to your business and event pages is an effective and simple way to broaden your reach and increase engagement with your audience.

2. Get more audience insights from Facebook Live.

Another new feature for businesses is that Facebook Live now provides audience insights. After you end a live video session, you’ll get immediate insights into how many people watched it. Knowing how many people viewed your video will allow you to optimize them.

Additionally, the same insight page (called “video summary”) also offers the option to save the entire video to your camera roll and/or upload HD video. This allows you to repost and boost the video for anyone that missed the live screening.

3. Viewers can engage with live videos using comments and reactions.

The next new Facebook Live feature is about how video viewers are able to engage during it. Before, viewers could only comment. Bow, they can comment AND send reactions. Viewers can add a comment in the comment box or send a reaction by sliding the comment bar to the left. This is great because the more ways to engage, the more engagement your video will receive.facebook live reactions

4. New ways to discover live videos.

Facebook plans to make discovering new live videos easier in many ways. Desktop users can find live video broadcasters using the Live Map feature. Facebook will also start highlighting live videos. They will do this by adding live video markers in the search and trending topics sections of the Facebook App. Furthermore, the Messenger icon will be swapped out for a Videos icon on the app page.

Facebook Live has the potential to be huge. And with these new features, its potential will likely turn into realty. Facebook is investing a lot in live video, and so should you! If you have any more questions about Facebook Live and how you can use it, contact us! We are the social media experts of South Florida and would love to help your business grow digitally! Connect with us online or call 561-429-2585 today!

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