Facebook Live Update | How It Can Benefit Your Business

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Facebook is the king of social media, so it’s no surprise that they are continuously introducing new features to the platform. One of the most recent additions to take note of is the Facebook Live update. With Facebook’s billions of users, you can reach a bigger audience than ever in real time with this update. If your business is already on Facebook, there is no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of this new feature. Continue reading to find out how your business can benefit from the Facebook Live update!

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to reach your audience in real time. The Facebook Live update allows you to stream live video to your followers and subscribers. Keep in mind though, your business page will need to be in order to use Facebook Live. With this tool, users are able to watch and interact with your business in real time. And guess what else? If you already have the Facebook app, you have access to live stream already! Simply click like you are going to create a status update and then click the live button. Next, you are prompted to write a short description of what the video is about. Click the “Go Live” button and you’re live! Now whatever your camera sees, is what users on Facebook are also seeing – it’s that easy.

Use Facebook Live Update for your business


Why Should I Use Facebook Live for my Business?

Though there are other live video sharing apps, none of them compare to the reach that Facebook Live can deliver. The Facebook Live update is a great marketing tool for businesses  for a variety of reasons. The ability to share live moments adds a more personal connection with followers. During your broadcast, you are able to see how many people are tuning into your video and also the comments and reactions from viewers as they are happening. This gives you the chance to answer user’s questions in real time. Receiving a personal answer via your live stream will only strengthen your connection with your consumers.

Facebook Live Update

So how can people stay on top of your broadcasts? If people interact with your page a lot they will automatically receive a notification that you are going live so they can tune in immediately. Users also have the option to follow your live broadcasts if they aren’t already receiving a notification. But what if they miss your broadcast? No worries! As soon as your live video is over, it is automatically posted to your timeline like a regular post. In addition, when your video is over you have access to insights to see the flow of people tuning in at each second of your stream. With billions of active users on Facebook there is an enormous amount of potential consumers to reach. Did you know that users spend 3x longer watching video that is live compared to pre-recorded videos – another reason your business should integrate Facebook Live into your social media marketing campaign. The benefits can be endless if you take the time to utilize this feature, and people will be impressed that you did!

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