Facebook’s New Reactions Buttons | How It Will Affect Your Business

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There have been several changes to Facebook over its lifetime- anyone remember the “Become a Fan” button? As technology progresses and consumer behaviors change, Facebook has taken a reactive approach to its users’ needs and its most recent advancement: Reactions Buttons. One of the biggest complaints of Facebook users was the lack in ability to express their emotions on posts quickly. Not everyone is a fan of commenting on posts, but sometimes users were in a situation where they wanted to acknowledge a post, but “Like” wasn’t the most appropriate option. After several levels of testing, the Reactions Buttons were launched; but what does this mean for your social media marketing? How is this going to affect your page?

how will the Facebook reactions buttons effect my business

What are the Facebook Reactions Buttons?  

Just to briefly describe this new feature for those of you that haven’t experienced it yet, the Reactions Buttons are five new emoticons that have been added when you hover over the “Like” button. You can still use the classic “Like” button, but now depending on how you feel about a post, you can also “Love” it, “Haha” a post, “Wow”, express “Sad” or “Angry”. This is available to typical Facebook users, but it is also available on the business side and pages. Just like consumers can “Wow” your post, you can “Wow” theirs too! So what does this mean for your Facebook business page? Is this a positive change or a negative one?

How Will the Reactions Buttons Affect my Facebook Business Page?

The main way that the emotions button will affect your social media marketing will be in a positive light. First because it’s a novelty so in the beginning stages of the Reactions Buttons, you will get a lot of users engaging with your posts because they are excited to use this new feature. This is great for your business; just continue to post interesting content and users that may have originally just consumed the information and moved along will want to express an emotion. With this engagement your posts can rank higher with the Edge Rank algorithm, in addition to the fact that as users express their emotions you can drive conversations with them and capture them as potential clients!

Even after the novelty factor wears off though, users will more than likely be engaging more with posts because of the convenience of expressing exactly what they’re feeling and the fact that now there are appropriate expressions for most posts. Before the Reactions Buttons, a user may have felt something towards a post, but not to the point where they would comment or that couldn’t be expressed with a simple “Like”. Say for example you’re a veterinarian and on your page you post a lost dog announcement for one of your patients. A lot of people may have seen it, but is it appropriate to “Like” this sad news? And not everyone wants to go into the comments section and take the time to type out how they feel. So instead they’ll see it, acknowledge the post and move on. Now, however, there is a “Sad” Button that can be pressed easily. A picture is worth a thousand words and so is an emoticon!

With more emotions to express you will also be able to gauge the effectiveness of a post, not only by how much engagement it received, but also what kind of engagement. An “Angry” face versus a “Love” heart will let you know how a post was received by your audience. This point is a positive, but it can also be a negative. When it came to comments that you deemed inappropriate or negative for your business, you could delete and hide them from your page. If users are expressing “Angry” reactions to a post, you will not longer be able to hide it. But you can always turn it around by, again, driving conversation through these expressions. If you have a post that someone reacted to with the “Angry” button, you can tag them in the comments, ask them why they felt that way? Why did they have that reaction? Based on the conversation, you can convert an initially angry user to a happy customer! You can also create your future posts with the reactions that consumers had in mind! That way you can optimize your posts for the best reactions.

The new Facebook reactions button will play a big role in your social media marketing

On the flip side of the coin, you as a business can also take advantage of the Reactions Button to be more expressive as well! Before a user would write a five-star review and you would simply “Like” it as a thank you. You may have felt more grateful, but it’s hard to get that across with just one button. Now there is the “Love” button to let your customers know just how you feel about their review! Or if the review wasn’t so stellar, why not put a “Sad” reaction and follow it up with a sorry comment? The Reactions Buttons add a whole new layer to the amount of expression you can have as a business and by being a more expressive and relatable business, your following will feel a stronger connection and loyalty to you!

Although it hasn’t officially emerged how this new development would affect SEO, it is fair to speculate that since social signals play such an important role in current search algorithms, that the Reactions Buttons may increase the importance of social signals. With the old one-expression button, the algorithm determined the importance and relevance of a post or business based just on the amount of engagement. Now with the Reactions Buttons, content is basically being rated with the exact emotion that users are feeling. It will be important to stay up to date on all the developments in search algorithms with this new feature being available on Facebook. You will want to develop a better social media marketing strategy depending on what kind of changes the algorithms make.

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