Facebook Pages for West Palm Beach Lawyers

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Lawyers and social media, talk about the odd couple. Truth is, West Palm Beach lawyers and their firms need to start getting social. There is no better way to get social than to start with a Facebook page. Why you ask? Simple, Facebook has a user base that is just too big to ignore.

Social media for West Palm Beach Lawyers

Facebook As A Marketing Platform For Lawyers

Whether you’re a lawyer in West Palm Beach or own a law firm with offices all over the state (or country) you need to be where your potential clients are. With 1.79 Monthly Active Users worldwide (and 229 Million in the US and Canada) Facebook has a strong user base. As a West Palm Beach Lawyer, you can bet that a lot of your clients are already on Facebook. Better still, a lot of potential clients are on the platform and are easier to reach than with traditional advertising.

Cost Efficient Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of marketing on Facebook is their ad targeting features. As a lawyer, your clients will vary depending on the type of law you practice or specialize in. By utilizing Facebook ads to target the right demographic you can get your business page in front of the right people. This includes determining the age range, proximity to your office and even salary range (among multiple other factors) of the people who you want to guide to your page.

Become The Premier Law Firm In West Palm Beach

How? By sharing your expertise on your Facebook page. By answering simple questions, giving advice and posting useful information on your page you can improve engagement. As your “fans” see that you are responsive, over time they will learn to trust you. What do you think they will do when they need a lawyer? They are going to go somewhere they can trust.  If they live in West Palm Beach and see that you answer questions regarding an issue similar to what they are facing, then it becomes a no brainer.

Facebook pages for west palm beach lawyers

A Facebook Page Can Increase Website Traffic

When people need a lawyer in West Palm Beach they could find your website. If someone tells a friend about you, they can go online and read the information you have posted on your website. What about when someone has a legal question or needs representation but has no idea how to find the right lawyer? That’s where you can be the guiding voice via your Facebook page. By writing interesting, insightful and helpful posts on your website is always a great idea. An even better idea is to follow that up by talking the links to those posts and sharing them on your Facebook page. By doing this you will get people that like your page to follow your content to your website, where they can learn more about the services you provide.

In Conclusion

West Palm Beach Lawyer or not, it doesn’t matter. A Facebook page is a plus for lawyers and their firms no matter where they are. The ability to target ads and additional exposure alone is more than enough of a reason to have a Facebook page. Add to the fact that you can build a relationship with potential clients through your page by answering questions and posting information is the key here. By building relationships you can convert likes into fans, fans into leads and leads into clients.

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