Facebook | The Future of Online Business

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As you may know, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, recently gave an important speech at Facebook’s developer event, F8.  When Zuckerberg announces Facebook’s projects and updates, businesses are advised to pay attention.  Facebook has approximately 1 billion users, and it is investing largely in the future of business. With projects like Internet.org, artificial intelligence research, chat bot services, and new apps, Facebook is defending its role as a leader in technology and business.

Facebook | The Future of Online Business 

How do these Facebook updates impact your business? Well, they may make the difference between making or breaking your business. Here’s why you should stay abreast with Facebook: They are developing tools that your business needs to further engage potential customers around the globe. Facebook is pushing the envelope and pioneering new markets in developing countries.  If you are an online business, Facebook’s initiatives are very important to the future of your business.  They are working fast to build bridges among businesses, new users, the internet, and mobile applications.

  1. Internet.org

Facebook has partnered with six other companies, among them are Samsung and Nokia, in order to provide cheaper access to the internet in developing countries.  The platform, known as Free Basics, may be an extremely useful tool for businesses trying to reach new markets of previously untapped consumers. Your business may utilize this innovative platform to share content, adapt your product or service to a mobile app, provide tools and access to essential information, and gain millions of new customers! The groundwork is set for vast opportunity for businesses to reach global communities.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

Research and development in the A.I. field is being heralded not only by Google but Facebook, too.  This research is important to businesses because it will shape the way humans interact with computers and therefore online businesses.  While much of Facebook’s A.I. research has not reached the market yet, your business will soon be transformed by its results. For example, consumerism will one day be managed by digital assistants instead of actual people. Facebook M, a more complex version of Siri or Cortana, has successfully booked flights and scheduled appraisals.  This is monumental! Facebook wants to facilitate the exchange of goods and services via digital robots that can manage a customer’s wants and needs.

  1. Chat bots

Chat bots are computer programs designed to simulate conversation with real, human users.  These programs are an extension of A.I., and they are the future of online business. Chatbots may handle your customer support, tutorials, and much more.  Most importantly, they are changing the game of mobile applications.  A user may simply message a service via a chat bot, thereby going around another app or website altogether.  It reduces the amount of app and internet searching by allowing the chat bot to request a service for you, the user.  This is great for businesses, as users can make purchases with maximum convenience.

  1. Account Kit – This service provides users the option to login to new apps without a username and password each time. Instead, users may enter their phone number or email address as their login information. Some additional features Facebook has invested their focus on include:
  • Customized UI (User Interface) for header, background, and button
  • Analytics Tools to aggregate your audience information and preferences
  • Notification Backup Option

These features enhance the speed with which businesses and customers may communicate and exchange goods and services.  Facebook is investing in the interaction between businesses and consumers. This is why Facebook will remain an important tool for the future of business, in one way or another.  Zuckerberg rallies for building bridges to facilitate business in new markets and new ways.

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