Facebook Update | Will My Facebook Metrics Change?

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There is yet another Facebook update. This time, it’s going to impact the numbers on your page. But, not to worry! Your post numbers are going to be more accurate than before. So, keep reading to learn more:

What Is the Facebook Update?

On February 12, Facebook officially changed how they calculate post reach. That means you may be seeing a drop in your numbers. So, why is this changing? Until now, Facebook has been counting reach as how many times a post was loaded in a feed. If it was delivered, it counted as a view. However, that lead to some inflated numbers. Now Facebook calculated reach by how many times a post enters a user’s screen. This is the same way Facebook calculates reach for ads.

will the new facebook update impact reach

How Will the Update Affect my Business?

Overall, the update won’t affect how your business uses Facebook. While you may see a change in the reach numbers – a decrease – it will not affect the distribution of your post. These numbers will simply be more accurate.

How Can I Grow Organic Reach?

If the lower numbers are worrying you, it’s time to think about the type of content you’re putting out there. Is it truly targeting your demographic? What is the quality of the content? Are you posting images and videos as well as text? You’ll need to play “the game” that social media is. There are certain steps you need to take to get higher numbers that aren’t paid for. So, be sure to keep your content in the right direction and be patient.

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Is Your Internet Marketing Strategy Ready for the New Facebook Update?

Digital trends and online algorithms are constantly evolving. So, if you need assistance staying up-to-date with the new Facebook update, contact us at Digital Resource to learn how our services can better your business!

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