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Email marketing is a great way to connect with your loyal customers on a more personal basis. From promoting your online store to sharing unique blog content, an email newsletter keeps customers engaged and connected to your brand even after they make a purchase. But, many businesses neglect what is arguably the most important piece of the email – the subject line. In Fort Lauderdale email marketing, the subject is what gets people to click.

So, how do you generate higher click rates? You write a killer subject line. Keep these five tips in mind next time you go to send a mass newsletter:

Segment Your Lists

So, you have your target audience. You know what they like, in general. But, within that customer basis, you can get even more specific. Did they come to your site to check out your blog? Or, did they come for a customized, featured product? You can segment your email lists with this information. That’s because you know exactly why they are coming to your website. This’ll keep you from annoying them and getting tossed in their trash folder because there is valuable information in there from you! You can then tailor your subject lines to each grouping.

how do you write fort lauderdale email marketing subject lines

Keep it Short

Your subject lines should be quick and to the point. If it drags on and takes more than a second to process, that can detour people from clicking in to read. Just like you should treat your blog headlines, your email subjects should be less than 70 characters so that the whole thing appears in the customer’s inbox. So, get a little creative – maybe toss in a good pun – and bring in the readers!

Don’t Use Clickbait

Clickbait is false advertising, not enticing marketing. If you make false promises in your subject line, you’re going to disappoint your audience. So, find the balance between being convincing and piquing their interest and being honest. And, honestly, if you can’t market your content within without worrying it’s too boring, you may want to consider what you’re putting in your newsletter.

Be Action-oriented

You should strive for your subject line to have some sort of call-to-action. Being action-oriented encourages the reader to take the next step. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly use a verb. Something like “You won’t want to miss this” or “Good things will come your way if…” are enticing and urge your reader to click as fast as possible!

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Address them Personally

There’s debate about using personalization options. But, studies do show that adding a name element can increase traffic up to 25 percent. So, optimize your MailChimp or email service account to include this, and start tracking your numbers.

Fort Lauderdale Email Marketing is Only One Facet of Digital Marketing!

If you are looking to better your business through a digital marketing strategy, Fort Lauderdale email marketing is only one piece of the puzzle. Contact Digital Resource today to learn how our array of services can help you establish a strong online presence.



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