Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads Company | How Do I Design an Ad?

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If you’re new to Facebook Ads, then there are some key parts of an ad’s anatomy that you should be aware of. Take a look at this list put together by a Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads company. Familiarize yourself with what goes into creating your ads before going live with them on Facebook.

6 Essential Parts of a Facebook Ad

Can a Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads company tell me the anatomy of a Facebook Ad?

Images – They will have a big impact on how people respond to your ad. Choose the format you want depending on if you have multiple images or videos you’d like to use. When choosing an image, the recommended size is 1200 x 628 pixels. You can either upload your own images or add free stock ones.

URL – This is the most important part of your Facebook Ad. The entire reason for your ad is so that your customers find you. So, don’t forget to add your URL for added information or to make a direct sale!

Headline – Your headline should grab people’s attention and tell them what your ad is about. However, keep it to 25 characters.

Text – Make sure your text tells a bit more about your URL and what you’re promoting. Try keeping this to 90 characters.

Call-to-Action – Every Facebook Ad should include some kind of call to action. This will vary from company to company depending on what type of business it is. Therefore, do not simply copy another company’s CTA. Think about what you want your customers to do when seeing your ads. Do you want them to call your office? Do you want them to simply click and go to your website? Whatever it is, articulate this in your call to action button to tell them what to do.

News Feed Link Description – This portion of your ad tells customers where they’re clicking on. Avoid being vague here. You want your customers to find what they are looking for with your business.

Can a Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads company tell me how to make sales?

When you are done inputting this information on the page, you can preview your ad before going live with it. Previewing how your ad will look helps to avoid mistakes. Moreover, you can see how your ad looks on a desktop, mobile device, and even on an Instagram feed. This will ensure that your ad looks great no matter where it appears.

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