Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads | Which Facebook Ad Should I Use?

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Facebooks ads are one of the most successful forms of digital marketing. With an array of styles, goals, and potential, tailoring your Fort Lauderdale Facebook ads is a breeze. Depending on the goal of your ad, and the type of content you are sharing, different types of Facebook ads may work better than others. The way to optimize your ads to ensure you’re using the right one. Read on to learn about some popular Facebook ad options:

Domain Ad

what does a fort lauderdale facebook ad for domains look like

If sending people to your website is a goal for you, a domain ad is probably your best bet. Domain ads are straight forward and can easily generate leads. You can see them on the right-hand side of the screen and pertain to other businesses or interests you have explored on the social media platform.

To create a successful domain ad, you will need to start by putting your URL in your business’s about section. This will help Facebook associate the two by giving it context. You will also need an eye-catching photo. The photo is what will draw people to read your title (which should be 25 characters or less) and your copy (which should be 90 characters or less). The ad will direct them to your website to complete a conversion off of Facebook.

Carousel Ad

Are you launching a new collection and want to show off a handful of products? You should employ a carousel ad. This will allow you to choose multiple photos to accompany a caption. All of these photos will link to a single URL to direct people to the page of your liking. These are great for selling a variety of products because you can even list pricing with a headline that can be up to 40 characters. However, your images should contain minimal text to improve its rate of being shown.

Canvas Ad

Canvas ads are a newer feature on Facebook and provide audiences with a dull-screen experience. This is great for mobile ads that are looking to be a little more creative. They are also ideal for mobile because the user doesn’t need to leave the Facebook app to engage with the advertisement. If you’re looking to tell more of a story – whether if it’s for a particular product or your company in general – canvas ads offer a cool “microsite-like experience.”

Sponsored Story Ad

what are sponsored fort lauderdale facebook ads

Sponsored stories are ideal for those who don’t necessarily have a specific goal, but want others to see and share their content. So, if you simply want to sponsor any post – an event, link share, page, or app, you can run a sponsored story. This is better for those looking to get more likes and isn’t as clear cut when it comes to call-to-action. Plus, these are a visible option because they show up on in the News Feed. But, how do they differ from promoted posts? Facebook doesn’t show your posts to all of your followers. So, promoting a post shows it to more of your followers, whereas a sponsored post shares it with people outside of your following.

Want to Invest in Fort Lauderdale Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are a great way to get your business out there and generate quality leads – and there is a huge selection of Facebook ad styles. So, if you’re looking to learn more about Fort Lauderdale Facebook ads, contact Digital Resource today!

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