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Internet marketing is crucial to the success of a business, especially on online one. Different outlets require different strategies since they appeal to different audiences. Let’s take a look at some tricks that you can use on different platforms to make the most of your internet marketing efforts from a Fort Lauderdale internet marketing company.

Social Media

Retweet and Engage – Don’t just tweet out stuff about your company. Engage with other companies, your customers, and leaders in your industry. Retweet their tweets and add your thoughts. Respond to tweets that aren’t directed at you and give your thoughts on those. People will start to notice and begin to follow you and view you as an industry expert.

Boost Your Posts – Facebook is showing only 6 percent of a business’ content to their fan base. Posting content on Facebook does you no good unless people are seeing it. Give your content a paid boost. For less than $30, you can get your message out to thousands of unique users.

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Keep Subjects Short – Have you ever looked at an email subject line and immediately known that you have no interest in opening it based on that? Well, you aren’t alone. Keeping your subject line short and to the point will get more people opening it. Giving them a teaser or an incentive to open it in the subject line is also beneficial.


Keep an Eye on the Competition – Create a Google Alert for your competitors. Find out what they are being mentioned for and see if there are opportunities to be mentioned alongside them.

What can a Fort Lauderdale internet marketing company do for me?

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