Fort Lauderdale Local SEO | How to Boost Your Rank in Google Local Search

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So, your business is doing an excellent job at carving out a niche in your industry. That’s great! But are you experiencing the problem of not enough local traffic to enjoy your product or service? Many times, businesses fall short when it comes to optimizing for Fort Lauderdale local SEO, and this can spell major disaster for your business goals. In recent years Google has changed its ranking algorithm, and will only display the top 3 local choices when searching. This means a more user-friendly experience when searching, however, your business may never be seen. How can you make changes to your SEO strategy to focus on success in Fort Lauderdale local SEO? Here are a few helpful tips to make the most out of your efforts.

how do i boost my local google rank with fort lauderdale local seo

Tip 1 – Make sure you have a physical address in the town you are targeting.

Above all else, having a physical address where you are trying to rank is the most important thing.  This will ensure that you have a consistent location to optimize. The specific address you choose for your local SEO should be as close as possible to the area you are targeting. Doing so will ensure you are targeting the correct groups, and making the most out of your efforts.

Tip 2 – Properly utilize Google My Business (GMB).

If you haven’t taken the time to do so, your business needs a Google My Business page. Google has increased the importance of these pages to simplify the user’s experience. Your page should be completely filled in with accurate and up to date information, including location, name and relevant category tags. When your business takes the time to include all necessary information, you increase the chance of users finding you, irrespective of the device they are using. As well, consider adding helpful and relevant images to your GMB page to be sure your new audience likes what they see when they find you! This will increase your user engagement, resulting in more of the traffic you have been looking for.

Tip 3- Create a strong “about” section.

How can you expect to increase your local SEO traffic if your description of your business falls flat? You should tailor your “about” section to include keywords your audience will be searching for, as well as a helpful information that will make you stand out in the industry. Consider what need your product or business fulfills, and create a compelling description based on this.

Tip 4- Generate more “time on site” opportunities.

Did you know when your audience spends time on your page, Google takes notice of this? The longer users stay on your listing, the more authority you build into your Google business listing, and the search engine will prioritize you above others. When your page has a decent amount of helpful information users cannot find elsewhere, your page is considered more valuable to audiences. Google wants the valuable pages to rank first, so ensuring your audience has what they are looking for on your page will undoubtedly work to your advantage.

Tip 5- Get reviews.

Over 88% of users trust reviews as a resource when deciding what business to buy from or hire. Luckily, Google My Business allows reviews directly on your page, only strengthening your brand reputation online. The relevance of local search has exploded in recent years, and with it, reviews hold more weight than ever before. Be sure to keep up with what reviews are posted for your business, and respond accordingly.

how to improve your local SEO search rank with fort lauderdale local seo

Do You Need Fort Lauderdale Local SEO Assistance?

The tips above are a starting point for you to generate more business from local SEO. However, a strong strategy requires constant attention. The process surrounding Fort Lauderdale local SEO can be confusing for many business owners, regardless of business size or industry. Google is an ever-changing entity, and having a devoted team to assist you through these changes will be the strongest part of your local SEO strategy. Our full-service Internet Marketing agency is here to assist you with any aspect you have questions about! Contact Digital Resource today to learn more about how to improve your strategy!



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