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Recent studies have shown that website videos are likely to exit a page if it takes any more than three seconds to load – and that’s if they’re patient. So, in an attempt to speed up page loading, and potentially improve Fort Lauderdale Local SEO, AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are an initiative to optimize content. Now, it’s no secret that better site functionality can improve Search Engine Optimization. But, what about this new type of page?

What is an AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are a feature for newsworthy search terms that show up at the top of a Google page in a carousel format. Websites are enabled for the feature. And, when an AMP link is clicked on, the page content loads instantly. This is all an attempt to make mobile content viewing more user-friendly.

To see what AMP content looks like, grab your phone and type the URL, Once it loads, type a newsworthy phrase and search for articles that have a small icon featuring a circle and a lightning bolt.

How Much Faster is an AMP?

According to Pinterest’s product engineer Jon Parise, “AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages.” This means it takes about half a second for a page to completely load.

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How Do I Get an AMP?

AMPs are literally rewriting mobile page structure. This means you need a web developer to edit your site HTML, Javascript, and Content Delivery Network. This requires developers to create simpler pages in addition to creating two versions of the website, in simple terms.

Can AMPs help SEO?

AMPs are exclusive to Google’s search network. And, it been proven with YouTube and Google+ that Google likes it when businesses use their associated features. Now, there’s a chance your story can get featured in the carousel, but AMPs are too new to use them as an SEO factor. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller even confirmed in 2016 that AMP is not a ranking factor. He also notes the carousel won’t always be a feature. However, this is a developing program and deserves ongoing attention.

Are AMPs Worth It?

As of right now, AMPs are a great concept. They allow users to get content as fast as possible. But, the truth is, there are simpler ways to improve your business’s Search Engine Optimization. It’s also worth noting that Apple is not the biggest fan of AMPs, which can be a disadvantage since so many mobile users do work on Apple products.

So, for the meantime, you should continue using more traditional SEO techniques. To begin, the quality of your content can be your biggest player in the SEO game. Tailoring your content to valuable keywords and ensuring that your post layout is conducive to website crawlers can work wonders. But, as technology develops, users become more demanding. AMPs and other web developments may be more worth your time and resources later.

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