Fort Lauderdale Social Media Marketing | How to Build a Social Media Presence

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In the energetic and competitive area that is South Florida, an online presence is now more important than ever for your business. With all sorts of businesses large and small competing online, Fort Lauderdale social media marketing is proven to help put your company on the map.

When compared to traditional marketing tactics, social media marketing has a definite edge. It is proven to deliver quality inbound leads and provides a way to manage your business’s reputation through customer interaction. Not to mention, because social media marketing is so closely tied to search engine optimization (SEO) it also allows for tremendous growth in Google rankings and customer generation.

Have we convinced you to get on social media yet? We thought so. Keep reading to find out how to get started with social media marketing!

How To Get Started with Fort Lauderdale Social Media Marketing:

1. Strategize

How can I use fort Lauderdale social media marketing?

Your social media marketing strategy almost wholly depends on your audience. First, identify who you are trying to market your business to. Are you an up-and-coming hot spot for younger generations? Do you provide services to all ages? Or maybe you only sell a product marketable to women?

When you know your target audience, consider how you and your consumers would use social media. Think about the goals you have for your business. How do you plan to utilize all of those future likes and followers? Set clear goals that will guide interaction on your pages in order for your Fort Lauderdale social media marketing to be successful.

Additionally, your type of business may affect which social media tools and platforms will work best for you. For example, if your company hosts live events frequently, stories on Instagram could generate you great leads. If your business specializes in a service like a resume writing, then streaming live video may not be as productive for you as LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Create Content

Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn… It seems like social media Christmas! But before you start posting content you will need to build personalized business profiles on your chosen platforms. Then once all of your profiles are completed, consider the message you wish to send your consumers.

Your social media representation and content should be well thought out in order to be consistent with your business goals. If you operate a dentistry practice and are looking for new clients then let your profile reflect that. Are you also running specials on certain dental procedures for new clients? Then your social media should supply content that promotes those services. Keep in mind that content should be click-worthy in every way. Not only should it be compelling, but also informative and consistent with your business agenda.

Keep in mind that content should be click-worthy in every way. Not only should it be compelling, but also informative and consistent with your business agenda. Photos used for your content should be relevant to your services. Furthermore, a “call to action” that invites consumers to contact you in some fashion for products or service should be included frequently. Not only does this give contact information often, but it enhances your social media presence by reminding your consumers that you are present and not going anywhere when they need you.

3. Track Results

How to get started with fort lauderdale social media marketing

The best part of social media marketing is quantifiable results. Most business versions of social media platforms provide some range of analysis and stats about activity on your page. However, for most businesses time is precious and the analyses these platforms offer can be somewhat hard to understand. But an analysis by skilled social media marketing professionals can mean a comprehensive evaluation of your efforts and allows for a better grip on your social media presence. Once you start tracking your social media marketing results you can have complete control over your business.

Fort Lauderdale social media marketing has endless possibilities. But while it may seem simple, the best way to truly make the most of your business with social media marketing is to let a skilled team assist you.

Are you ready to see what social media marketing can do for you? Digital Resource is a full-service digital marketing agency that is happy to assist you with your business goals. Contact us for a free marketing analysis and a dedicated team to help build and maintain your online presence!

Tayler is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied multimedia journalism, English, and psychology. She brings extensive writing knowledge to our team and over ten years of customer service experience. Tayler is ready to provide businesses with quality content that helps to build consumer satisfaction and rapport.

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