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Facebook has changed over the past few years and has become one of the leading online advertising platforms today. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top tools so you can stay ahead of the competition. Take a look at how your franchise digital marketing agency tackles Facebook ads!

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How Can I Improve My Facebook Campaign?

1. Make Your Own Bids

For starters, we recommend doing your own bidding when it comes to initiating separate campaigns. Otherwise, you are defaulting your bidding strategies that are automated by Facebook. You have your own set budget and you know who you want to target. Do yourself a favor and put in the extra effort to customize your own ads!


2. Mobile App Downloads

Moreover, you can actually promote your ads by getting people to download the Facebook app. In fact, it’s estimated that CTR is especially high when users view sponsored stories on a mobile device.

Plus, it helps Facebook gain more downloads while you are gaining more traffic toward your business!


3. Keep Testing

Furthermore, always test your ads regardless if they are performing well or underperforming. Even before you make an ad launch, test each ad to different targeted groups. For instance, run ads that have two CTAs and approaches to a special offer they can exclusively find on your website.

Therefore, it is especially important to understand how your ad works before making the official launch.

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Are You Looking for Franchise Digital Marketing?

Last but not least, it is important that your company is doing whatever it takes to be a leader in advertising. This is a long-held tradition that requires your own personal touch. Contact us today to ask about our FREE website evaluation so you can be on your way toward success!

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