Franchise Digital Marketing | Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The year 2019 has had numerous wins and strategies that digital marketers will continue to work on. We recommend taking a look at the best franchise digital marketing tips you can take away from this year so far—in review!

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Which Statistics Can I Implement in My Campaign?


In the first place, studies have shown that blogs receive 95% more views with images instead of text alone.

Here are the stats:

  1. Let’s talk about traffic. If you want to increase your online visibility, try to post at least 16-20 blogs per month. In doing so, you are increasing organic search results just by including keywords throughout the content.


  1. A great way to maximize SEO is to take advantage of 1,000-1,500 worded blogs.


  1. Readers only spend 37 seconds reading a blog post. Make it easy for your audience to skim the content with headers highlighting each section.


  1. It’s estimated that over 61% of users will take action to buy a product or service—if the blog recommends it.


  1. Try updating a new blog with updated information. Be a part of the 55% of marketers who will use this.


  1. WordPress is home to over 75% of all blogs in 2018. If you aren’t using this platform, start now.



Moreover, content is the large umbrella encompassing all written web copy, videos, social media posts, and videos that a company produces to entice their audience.

Take a look at the overall content statistics:

  1. Approximately 47% of buyers view over 4 to 6 forms of content before buying a product or service.


  1. 30% of marketing efforts are effective. Strategize and make it a reality.


  1. The best content marketing methods include social media, blogging, and case studies (content is written about why and how your product works).


  1. Over 42% of companies allocate funds specifically toward content marketing.


  1. Users will take the advice of an expert in their own industry—versus generalized content at 87%.


  1. Live videos perform more successfully at a 30% rate than marketing techniques that do not gear it directly to customers.




Next, high open rates and click-through rates are essential to measuring successful email campaign performance.

Therefore, see how marketing efforts performed for the past few years:

  1. Pet and animal care industries had the highest open rate at nearly 23%.


  1. By the end of 2019, over 5 billion email accounts will be created. Gmail alone accounts for one-quarter of all emails created.


  1. For mobile email click-through-rates, Apple garnered the highest number. 56% of companies that used emojis in the subject line were higher than its counterpart.


  1. Email automation increased well over 50% for marketers alone.


  1. By personalizing emails, you can expect to find higher open rates since it is more direct.


  1. It has been shown that open rates are at its highest point from the hours of 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.




Moreover, SEO is the unsung weapon for digital marketing mediums. Businesses are aware of SEO, however, only the right process and consistency can see success.

Here are the stats:

  1. Nearly 94% of all organic traffic is generated by Google searches alone.


  1. Long-tail keywords account for more than half of all searches completed in 2018.


  1. People are more likely to search for a brand after seeing the company’s name more than once in the results.


  1. A 16% conversion rate is directly related to SEO efforts, rather than calling directly.


  1. Virtually less than 10% of users will reach the third page of the results. No one wants to look that far. The first-page ranking is everything.


  1. Voice searches will reach 50% by the end of 2020.


Social Media

In addition, we can’t gloss over the impact of what social media has in the digital marketing sphere today. So, let’s take a look at what social media has done in recent years:

  1. Almost one billion people have at least one social media account to make up the collective.


  1. Over half of people will make a buying decision based on a social media post or video.


  1. Many companies use Facebook as an easy way for users to log in to see their offers. This poses an exclusive offer an individual can only access on this platform.


  1. In 2016, almost $100 million was funded toward SnapChat ads alone.


  1. LinkedIn has the longest user period for reading content than any other platform.


  1. All branded social media posts are geared toward individuals over the age over 50. However, this number differentiates with Instagram, where content is targeted toward users under the age of 30.


Mobile Devices

Furthermore, mobile campaigns and ads have marketing strategizes thwart their funds to nearly half of all efforts. Take a look at why mobile is king:

  1. It’s estimated that over 40% of users look for local companies from their mobile devices.


  1. In 2018, users spent well over 3 hours searching for businesses alone.


  1. Apps drive sales. Promote the “fear of loss’ by getting users to download your app in order to get access to your products or services.


  1. Nearly half of all paid ads were accessed by a mobile device.


  1. 55% of companies tailor the mobile experience to satisfy customers for ease of navigation.


  1. Mobile ads have more productivity for users over the age of 45.


In summation, you can learn plenty from recent statistics regarding your next digital marketing campaign. Each element should be incorporated fully so you can transition into a successful company!

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Do You Need a Franchise Digital Marketing Strategy?

Last but not least, it is important to us that you are utilizing each statistic to get you the best marketing results. Especially if you are a franchise company, we recommend reading the statistics and putting your own twist into practice. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today to learn how you can qualify for our instant SEO scan to get you started

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