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Google is one of the most recognizable search engines on the internet today. With its popularity, comes updates to enhance your digital marketing campaign. As a full-service digital marketing company, we place importance on map optimization. Let’s take a look at the latest upgrades coming to Google Maps!

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Upgrades You Need to Know:

1. Ad Frequency

First things first, Google Maps will show a fixed set number of local ads within your search. The upgrade consists of a maximum of two ads located at the top of your search results. These ads will have a purple label and ads in the top position has a yellow label.


2. Promoted Pins

Moreover, promoted pins are a feature that is in Google Maps in beta form. By promoted pins, this means that the pin itself will show the actual business logo. If someone is searching for your business, they will automatically see the logo directly on top of your map location.

Also, a customer may be using the application on a different errand. However, these pins help promote your business by showing an advertised deal from the pin itself.


3. Inventory Information

Last but not least, Google Maps will offer a new feature that shows your inventory and stock. Of course, you will need to provide this information into the app directly. However, this helps customers determine if you have a product in stock. As a result, customers will visit you based on this handy feature!

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Are You Looking for a Full-Service Internet Marketing Company?

All in all, there are many changes coming to Google Maps to aid your company extensively. We are excited about these features to debut for all users very soon. Contact us today to ask about a FREE website evaluation!

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