Getting Your Email Campaigns Ready for Changes in 2020

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  • Welcome emails have an opening rate of 82%.
  • Personalized subject lines get emails opened 50% more often.
  • Videos in emails can increase open rates by 300%.



Email strategy has taken some drastic turns and twists over the last few years, but here’s how you can get your email strategy ready for the challenges of the New Year. Your email marketing is just as relevant as ever with integration into other marketing venues like social media and video.


Email Regulations

Keep up with the law.

While the United States has not passed any meaningful legislation on email marketing since the 1996 HIPAA law and the 2003 SPAM act, however, the US still remains one of the biggest regulators of email marketing, and the use of automatic sending software to reach more subscribers at once. It is important to note that in 2020 there could be more regulations coming to affect the Internet as a whole, which could have big implications for email marketing.


Many analysts have predicted for years that automatic email sending software could be made illegal as the government cracks down on spam, legitimate businesses could also be affected. The war on spam has for the most part been successful over the last few decades, but as with most sweeping policy there have been unforeseen effects on legitimate operations being filtered and tagged as spam, and so given this, email marketers need to keep an eye on legal developments and how they might affect your future strategies.

Social Media Integration

Convert your traffic.

With an increasing emphasis being placed on social media to do the heavy lifting for your marketing and engagement, it is no surprise that many advertisers are choosing to make their emails more connected and compatible with social media, making them even more effective and converting your email traffic into social media traffic where it can be more effective.


Taking small steps like adding very visible social media links and offering discount incentives for things like reviews and follows is a proven method for building up your subscriber base and beefing up your reach across other pages as well. Most people are more drawn to social media as an advertising platform in general compared to email, so getting your email traffic to convert into social media traffic can be incredibly useful for smaller businesses looking to build a following. In addition to links, you can also include videos and other hosted media that link to your social media, making it less obvious compared to standard social media buttons.



Optimize your discoverability.

One of the most noticeable trends in the way people go about searching over the web and even searching for files online in general has been the prevalence of speech to text software like Siri or Alexa. What’s more, people are using these voice interfaces to search through text, search for files, and much more, meaning your emails need to be conducive to it. Making your emails easier to find using terms someone is more likely to use when voice searching can greatly improve opening rates and help subscribers find your content among all their other emails.


This is just one way out of many to optimize your emails and make them easier to find for all the different parameters where searches take place. Many people even rely on reading functions to read their emails to them so they don’t have to look at a screen, so making your emails attractive no matter how they are being read or viewed is vital to their effectiveness going forward.

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Keep Readers on the page.

With the inclusion of more and more interactive elements into emails and not just text, emails are no longer the primary gateways for landing pages. When emails contain things like embedded videos, rotating images, and creative animations, they become the landing pages themselves. this makes it easier to link straight to webpages and drive more subscribers to social media accounts. There’s also something to be said in emails that have had time put into them to make them so interactive, as they are generally better received by subscribers simply because they have so much engaging content compared to the average email.


The idea is to keep the reader on your email for as long as possible, and interactive buttons and media are the best way to do this. The longer someone spends looking at a page or email ad, the more likely they are to take passive action. One of the oldest and most difficult challenges faced by email marketers is getting readers to take action, and finding new ways to do this is instrumental to any future strategy.



Warm-up to the audience.

It must be sad there is q fine line between personalization and cheesiness. While having your emails be highly personalized to match the subscriber is incredibly useful, it is all too easy for many advertisers to go over the top or pay no attention and make their attempts at personalization seem robotic or fake. Things like misspelled names or names inserted where they grammatically don’t make sense. This can create distrust in a reader, compared to emails that are hyper-personalized with good integration where readers feel they are reading something written for them. Cheesy attempts at this personalization can break the spell so to speak, and cause some to simply move on.


Personalization is the future for all advertising platforms, as it makes people more likely to take action, however, because email has such an established reputation as an advertising platform, it can be difficult to create meaningful personalized messages that get through to the subscriber. Keep finding new and increasingly clever ways to make your subscribers feel more included in their emails.

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Keep Your Email Strategy Fresh and Prepared


Email marketing hasn’t changed all that much since the ’90s in principle, but the methods and strategies are just as new and exciting as the coming new year. Trust Digital Resource to elevate your email marketing strategy and draw more leads. Just send us an email or reach out on social media and we will be happy to assist you.

Tyler was born in Ocala, Florida, and raised in Miami. Tyler has earned a bachelors degree in English from Florida State University, and is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Digital Resource. As an experienced musician and writer, Tyler has a wide range of abilities to bring to the table in the most professional way possible.

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