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  • Google Ads are the most popular way to see measurable progress on your websites.
  • 65% of paid Google search result clicks go through mobile devices.
  • Google owns 71% of search market share.



Because Google ads are so popular with many online advertisers, those that are new to the system can forget to employ several helpful tactics that will get you better results for your investment. Google ads are an important tool for any digital advertiser, so getting to know the tools of the trade is essential.


SEO is an important part of doing business in the modern era, so take your time and learn the ins and outs of how the biggest companies successfully advertise to their followers. The best part about SEO is that anyone can do it, provided you do a bit of reading first.

Identify Targets

Know where to go.

One of the best things about using Google ads for your campaigns is that you can single out certain niches of users so that your ads are mostly shown to those that have expressed some interest in the product or service before, making them much more effective. Making use of this data can reveal the people that are most interested in your business, allowing you to market directly to that group, as opposed to a something like a billboard, which is shown to anyone. Knowing who your ads should be targeting is one of the best ways to develop content.


Ideally, you want the content of your ads to reflect the interest of your target audience. Knowing who your targets are can also help you focus on multiple fronts. Setting up multiple campaigns for specific targets can be a very effective strategy for any size operation. Targeting has proven itself to be a useful tactic for many different business models. Targeting helps direct traffic toward your site as opposed to others. This means that taking the time to master targeting skills will help your SEO in the long run.

Location Data

Help yourself be found.

By using Google ads to secure your digital ad campaigns, you can make use of the location-driven software to concentrate your ads onto certain geographical areas that you dictate. This means that you can place ads in certain cities, neighborhoods, or states, and so on. This is especially useful for highly localized operations like restaurants and food carts, or events such as a farmers market or sale. Location is important because it is imperative that customers be able to find your location on any application. But keep in mind that Google owns most mapping software or uses Google’s maps. Google maps are helpful because it is so intuitive.


Studies show that the majority of searches regarding looking up a location are done using Google or Apple Maps. Location data is more than just an address. This means you also need to fill in every field of information about your businesses location that you can. This will help zero in on your locations and help people find you. Location data also feeds into your other SEO work so be sure to use keywords here as well. Location data will even sync with other applications and search sites like Yelp, increasing your visibility. Increasing your visibility is key when it comes to using your location data to your advantage. On social media, visibility will help you attain a following, and get recognized as a brand.


Keyword Optimization

Say just what you need to.

Keywords are the backbone of any Google ads campaign. By bidding on the keywords that are most realistic for your size of the operation and not general terms, you can maximize their effectiveness in drawing in visitors. General terms for you’re your product or service are most likely dominated by large national businesses. And so bidding in them will not draw you enough attention in comparison. This is perhaps one of the most important things you can control in any SEO drive. Keywords are the backbone of any campaign, and they will help you come up more often in searches.


This gets easier the more followers, shares, and traffic you have overall. Keywords help directories find certain parts of the text on your website and direct users to it. An important note to take is to bid on keywords that are realistic and specific to your business. Using a keyword that is general like ‘window washing’ will make it hard to single out your business. Try to more unique in coming up with location-specific keywords that will highlight your business. This is a great way to get a leg up on the competition without too much work. SEO doesn’t take too much effort, but thee payoffs can be great in terms of your business.

Google Ad Campaign

Intuitive and trackable.

Google ads are an essential tool for any business looking to advertise online, that’s why Digital Resource specializes in optimizing your campaigns and maximizing results. Send us an email or fill out a contact form if you have any questions, and our team will be happy to help.


Learning skills like these can be done by almost anyone, and SEO is almost a requirement if you want your business to succeed online these days. Because so much business is now tied to the Internet, even brick and mortar locations can benefit from doing a bit of SEO work on their profiles and webpages. SEO is the cornerstone of digital advertising.

Tyler was born in Ocala, Florida, and raised in Miami. Tyler has earned a bachelors degree in English from Florida State University, and is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Digital Resource. As an experienced musician and writer, Tyler has a wide range of abilities to bring to the table in the most professional way possible.

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