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It’s that time of year again—Google rolled out new algorithm updates to the world’s most widely used search platform. These updates will affect high-ranking websites and place importance on lesser-known websites that could impact your rankings. As your leading Google ads agency, we keep you up to date and implement the latest strategies as soon as possible.

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What are the Latest Changes?

1. Core Updates

In the first place, core updates are changes that affect websites overall. In contrast to a Google update such as Panda, non-core updates focus on highlighting a specific area such as the quality of backlinks or improving content SEO.

In fact, there have been two core updates to the algorithm in just a 3-month span. The first update impacted search results globally. The rankings and quality of websites were severely affected by achieving three things: expertise, authoritative presence, and trust. You can check out details below about the newest updates that are here to stay.


2. Carousel Feature

Initially, an update was released concerning the actual layout of a campaign. Rankings are definitively higher for carousel videos in the search results. This is a popular feature commonly seen on Facebook and Instagram; however, the number of carousel videos are climbing on desktops.

These changes can be a headache for marketers because this means changing the content of your campaign. Remember, trends come and go so by staying updated you can stay ahead of the game.


3. Targeting Lower Ranked Sites

In addition, Google is placing higher standards for reliable news sites. If you are a larger, news conglomerate chances are that your website will now be getting more traction. Lower ranked sites have to step up their game and match the quality of the “winners” in that arena.

So, we want you to take advantage of seizing this opportunity to increase your content quality. Since this is a core update, this can translate into changing your SEO strategy or upping your blog posts from 2 times a week to 5.


4. Increase in Trusted Websites

Moreover, there is a significant shift toward optimizing higher ranked websites versus its low-quality counterpart. If you are a larger website in terms of brand reputation and domain authority, you will be boosted to the top of search results.

For lesser-known or mediocre level websites, you will need to make changes to optimize your website.  This is especially challenging trying to build trust online but remember that authentic reviews and testimonials are the keys to achieving this success.


5. Diversity Update

Also, the diversity update gives way to other websites to only have one search result on a single page at a time. If you are wondering, yes, the SEO landscape will be changing with this new update. You can expect to see how root domains and subdomains will be affected as a result.

More information about this is sure to come in the coming weeks. It is important that you stay committed to learning these techniques and making the appropriate changes. This is an update that can shift uneven rankings that are currently present on the analytics side of what Google tracks on a daily basis.



What Makes This Update Unique?

Typically, Google will take on new updates without prior notice. These core updates were announced before its official launch. It was announced on Twitter and the company gave updates to what users can expect and things that may be changing on the horizon.

Both updates (so far) come within just a few months of each other and it would be beneficial for marketers to have this short notice before changes go live.


1. Mobile Sites

Moreover, the mobility of your website will be further enhanced. Although this aspect is not highlighted in the update directly, you can expect mobile users to be affected by the broad update. Every website needs to be able to factor into mobile optimization in order to meet the needs of these new updates.


2. Rankings

As you may already know, the quality of your rankings will be affected. The best way to maintain your rankings is to use current content and add to what is already there. Rankings are determined by a multitude of factors for digital marketing and keeping your rankings up is definitely one of them.


3. Snippets

Also, featured snippets are essential for taking advantage of this new update. The snippet is a brief description of what users will see before clicking on the link in the search results. This update will revolve around the effect of snippets in direct correlation to heightening website traffic.

The best way to go about this is to customize the coding of the snippet itself and make sure you are inputting a Google Manager tag. That way, it makes it easier for the new algorithm to take hold int putting your website above the rest of the competition.


4. Downplay Links

Lastly, we know that links are important but putting more focus on carbon-copy content is good to have for this update as well. By carbon-copy, we mean factoring content such as reviews and user-centric marketing techniques that your audience can personally attest to.

We are not telling you to forget links altogether, but to increase Google’s new algorithm accordingly based on uncompromised text alone.  This is a great way for your audience to get an inside look into what your company does and leaves little room for unauthentic experiences.

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Do You Need a Google Ads Agency?

Finally, we want your company to reap the highest benefits that you can optimize with these new updates. We’ve covered what the updates are, what to expect, and what you can do to maximize the updates in relation to your campaign. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our in-house digital marketing consultants!

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