Google Ads in Boston | How Can My Business Get Effective Google Ads?

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The rate of people using Google keeps rising more and more every day. That’s why Google Ads in Boston are a great tool for your company’s digital success. While inbound marketing works wonders, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising enables customers to see the specific products or services that your business offers at the exact moment that they are being searched for. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of this great marketing tactic for your company!

What will make my Google Ads in Boston better than my competitor's?

Go with Relevant and Unique Ads That Are Proven

Ad copy should be highly relevant to the keywords they’re being displayed for (including the exact terms when possible). It should also stand out from the competition with different offer and benefits. Furthermore, your ad copy should reflect the messaging / offer on your landing page.

To make your ads prove their worth, place at least two ads in each ad group and split test them. After each ad has at least 30 clicks, delete the lower performing ad and replace it with a new one.

Use Landing Pages

80% of PPC traffic goes to an existing website page, which is usually the homepage. However, this results in poor consistency between messages to your customers and causes them to wander your site. In turn, there is low conversion because customers are not finding what they originally clicked on n your Google Ad. Use a targeted landing page for each ad group in AdWords for higher conversion rates.

Create an Appealing Landing Page Offer

An irresistible offer on your landing page will overcome almost any possible deficiencies that you may have in your Google AdWords campaign. During the research you performed before developing your ads, you saw exactly what all of your top competitors are offering. Think about how you can offer something better.

Looking for Assistance with Your Google Ads in Boston?

What makes Google Ads in Boston great advertising?

Creating effective Google Ads can be complicated. Instead of wasting time and effort trying to figure it out, get an effective campaign with Digital Resource. Our Google AdWords services expertly craft campaigns that give your business the potential to reach the entire world’s search audience. Contact us today to grow your business with Google Ads!

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