Google Ads in Chicago | How Do I Use Keywords in Google AdWords?

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Many businesses are constantly working for that number one spot on Google search results. While your Chicago business should too, it doesn’t hurt to make Google work for you every once in a while. Google Ads in Chicago is a great resource for converting online searches into sales. Get started here by learning the basics of how to incorporate your company’s keywords into your Google Ads efficiently.

How do google ads in Chicago work with keywords?

3 Ways to Use Keywords in Google AdWords

Use Exact Match Keywords

When first starting out with AdWords, keep your keyword list very small and focused. Think of about 5 to 10 keywords that people who are ready to buy are most likely typing into Google. Add all of these keywords to your campaign as Exact Match Keywords. This means your ads will only be displayed when someone types that exact term into Google. This ensures your ads only show up for the most relevant search queries, and not for variations Google thinks are relevant but are not.

Group Related Keywords into Ad Groups

Each keyword in your campaigns represents a conversation going on in the mind of your potential customers. The more you can continue that conversation in your ads and landing pages, the more likely you’ll get the conversion.

Ideally, every keyword would be in its own ad group with unique ads that lead to a unique landing page. However, this is not practical in most situations. Therefore, you should group your keywords into tightly related ad groups based on the searcher’s intent.


Search Network traffic is different that Display Network traffic. Additionally, Mobile traffic is different than traffic from Desktops/Laptops. Tablet traffic is whole other animal. This is important because keywords that convert are much different than those that don’t. Segment the types of traffic that are most important to you into their own campaign. Then, give them their own budgets, landing pages, and keywords.

Who can help my google ads in Chicago convert?

Still Need Assistance with Your Google Ads in Chicago?

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