Google Ads in North Palm Beach | When to Use Paid Advertisements

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Google Ads is a powerful tool that allows businesses to temporarily jump ahead in the ranking process. But, not all businesses can afford to use Google Ads all of the time. So, here are a few examples of when you should use paid Google Ads in North Palm Beach.


Campaign Launch

One of the best times to utilize Google Ads is at the start of a new campaign. This is a great way to generate leads before organic growth has time to take proper effect. When launching a new campaign, Google Ads gives your site the opportunity to jumpstart web traffic generation when its SEO is new and not yet driving customers to your site.


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New Products

If a new product or service is about to be offered, Google Ads can be a great way of reaching out to a new customer market. This is especially true if the new client market does not overlap with previous customer markets.


Special Events

Many businesses choose to use Google Ads if they are having a special event or program that they want to promote. A few good examples of this would be sales, charity events, or promotional contests.


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Major Change Within the Business

Another instance where Google Ads can be used effectively is if a major change is being made to the company such as location change, operating hours change, or website domain change. These are usually things that can affect consumer purchasing habits.


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