Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach | How to Improve Your Ad

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We know how important it is to get you the best exposure that your business needs. That’s why we are your experts for producing Google ads in Royal Palm Beach. It is our priority to customize it to your company. Read more to learn about what Google ads can do for you!

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Areas for Improvement:

Test the Design

First things first, we want you to test your ad’s landing pages. Your landing page controls your conversion rate while the ad itself controls the click rates. This is why the design of your landing page is so important. For instance, try to test the call-to-action banner of placement and play around with its shape and color.


Ad Placement

Moreover, ad placement may not seem all that important, but it does account for the number of clicks. Though, ads placed at the top of a page will get more clicks and increase lead generation. According to Forbes, ads placed at the top will get a clickable rate of 36.4% compared to an ad above the fold with half the amount of clicks.


Organize Keywords

Last but not least, you should group your keywords accordingly in order to make the most of your campaign. In effect, this change will make your ads perform at an optimum level. They include:

  • Higher conversions
  • Higher scores based on quality
  • Increased click-through rates (CTR)


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Are You Looking for Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach?

All in all, we know that exposure is important to your business. What good is exposure if your ads aren’t in view to your target audience? As your experts for everything digital, it is our priority to get you the best marketing strategy for your company. Contact us today to get a FREE website evaluation!

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