Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach | How Match Types Mean Money

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Google Ads are a powerful way to get more visitors to your business’s website. They can also be a fast-track to wasting advertising dollars, if not set up properly. Read below to see how carefully choosing the right match types for your Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach can make or break the success of your campaigns – and your business.
How do I set up Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach?

How Match Types Can Mean Money

Understanding Google’s Keyword Match types

When targeting a keyword in your Google Ads campaigns, you need to choose a keyword match type. This tells Google how closely you want to match your ads to keyword searches. There are four different keyword match types. Below is a quick breakdown of the differences between them, but beware – Google often updates their platform and how keyword match types work does change.

  • Broad Match: Broad match keywords reach the widest audience. Using broad match keywords means your ads can show whenever a user searches for your keywords or any synonyms related to your keyword (i.e. If you were targeting “luxury car”, your ad might display when someone searches “expensive vehicles”).
  • Modified Broad Match: This match type allows you to reach a similarly wide audience as broad match, but better controls what searches trigger your ad by locking individual words in a key phrase (i.e. targeting “+luxury car” could show an ad for a search of “luxury vehicle” or “luxury automobiles”).
  • Phrase Match: When using phrase match, your ad will only appear when a user queries your keywords in the exact order you specify. There may be other words before or after the targeted phrase (i.e. targeting “luxury car” as phrase match may show an ad for “cheapest luxury car near me”).
  • Exact Match: Using exact match is the most specific and restrictive match type strategy (or at least used to be). Before Google’s recent update, users would only see your ad when searching your exact keyword phrase (i.e. targeting “luxury car” meant your ad would only show if a user searched “luxury car”). Google has expanded exact match to now include plurals, misspellings and similar intent of your targeted keyword(s).

Balancing Keyword Match Types

Properly using match types boils down to balancing two things – going too broad will mean lots of clicks to your ads and website, while too narrow might result in the opposite. Lots of clicks and visitors can be good – but you’re paying for those clicks and if visitors aren’t looking for what you offer, they won’t return the expense with a sale. Balancing your keyword match types is the key to success here.

What is the best way to set up Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach?

Which Keyword Match Types are Right for Your Google Ads in Royal Palm Beach?

It’s important to understand the basics behind match types to build a successful Google Ads campaign for your business. But that’s only part of the picture. Our team is ready to review your campaigns and provide you with some tips to help you propel traffic, drive leads and increase revenue. Request your free internet marketing analysis now.

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