Google Ads vs Bing Ads | Which Is Better for My Business?

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When you think online ads, your mind probably thinks Google. Google is the place to go for billions of searches. So, it only makes sense to advertise to all of those users. But, is Bing gaining traction? Recently they’ve made updates that seem to be drawing attention. Keep reading to learn about the great debate of Google Ads vs Bing Ads:

Target Audience

When it comes to advertising, you need to make sure you’re targeting your ideal demographic. On average, Bing users are middle-aged – between the ages 40 and 50. Google users are younger and more worldwide, but this doesn’t mean you won’t find older generations on the platform. Google is, in fact, the largest search engine.

is google ads vs bing ads better for lead generation


Cost-per-click and earning a good position in a search result is how most search engine advertisers approach the system. However, they want the best position with the least money spent. This is where Bing typically beats out Google. Case studies show that, on average, there is a lower cost per click with better positioning on Bing. However, Google offers a larger search platform, which means more potential clients can come in contact with your ad over Bing.


Case studies tend to show that Bing has a higher click-through-rate. But, it is worth noting that the ad styles are different. Bing tends to show more images and overall ads. So, when it comes to designing a Google ad, it needs to be extremely topical with a clear call-to-action.

is google ads vs bing ads better


The main goal of all advertisements is leads. This is where Google really shows its strength. Bing is known to have a lower conversion rate. So, if your goal is to get leads without too much of a concern on budget, Google is the way to go.

Which Should Your Business Use?

While Bing is definitely becoming a viable option for quality online ads, Google AdWords still takes the cake. This is because Google is user-friendly and makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest market regarding your keywords. Having your business on Google, whether you’re running ads or not, is still necessary. So, why not have it all in one place, where you can examine keywords, run ads, list your business, and more?

Want to Know More About Google Ads vs Bing Ads?

You need to make the best decision for your business! Contact us at Digital Resource to learn more about Google Ads vs Bing Ads to ensure your marketing strategy is getting the results you need.

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