Google Advertising | Will the New Google Update Block My Ads?

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If your business uses Google advertising, the word “ad-blocker” may sound like the bane of your digital marketing strategy. Third-party apps have been allowing internet users to rid their pages of advertisements from Google for a long while now. And, now Google Chrome is looking to bring on their own ad blocker. But, it’s not what you think. So, keep reading to learn more:

What Is the New Google Advertising Update?

On February 15th, Google Chrome will begin blocking certain types of advertisements. This is an attempt to wean out third party blockers. However, this block will end up benefiting publishers and advertisers.

what is the google advertising blocker

How Will the Update Affect My Business?

If you are running ads on Google, or have ads on your website, you’ll want to pay attention. Google will be blocking ads that do not fall under the Better Ads standards. This includes pop-ups, large sticky ads, full-screen ads, autoplay video ads with sound, and more, depending on the device. And, mobile devices will have stricter criteria. So, they will also crack down on ads that cover too much copy or make the overall user experience more complicated than necessary.

Are My Ads Going to Be Blocked?

If you are uncertain about the quality of your ads, Google is providing a tool through its search console that will tell you. It is called the Ad Experience Reports and will tell you what violations are there compared to the Better Ads Standards. You can request a website review after you have fixed these problems. Plus, having a quality digital marketing agency behind your ad curation can ensure that your business is following Google’s guidelines.

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Are You Interested in Google Advertising for Your Business?

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