Google Adwords Consultant | How to Achieve a Successful Campaign

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Optimizing your company’s visibility may seem like trying to find a diamond in the rough. However, placing your ad on the world’s largest search engine—Google—can generate immediate results. Take a look at tips from your Google Adwords consultant!

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Include These Tips in Your Campaign:

1. Cost-Per-Click

In the first place, it is crucial that you are taking your ad’s cost-per-click (CPC). You will need to optimize each keyword with a specific CPC rate. We recommend improving your ad copy that has a good number of keywords throughout.

Remember, use less popular keywords to rank higher on search engines.  If you optimize your landing page correctly, you can shift to lower CPCs.


2. Click-Through-Rate

Adding on, click-through-rate (CTR) measures the number of people who clicked and read through your entire ad. A good rule of thumb is to incorporate the keyword in the headline. In effect, this will match popular search phrases that lead directly to your ad.


3. Positioning

Moreover, your ad positioning is correlated to CPC and CTR. Today, your company must be in one of the top three positions for a successful campaign. Therefore, try to increase your bids little by little. If one ad is performing great, try to bid higher on those ad types.

Plus, always target noncompetitive keywords. As mentioned earlier, the goal is to reduce your CPC and increase your CTR.


4. Impressions

Lastly, you must calculate your impression share to determine your ad’s full reach. The impression share is calculated by the number of impressions your ad achieved divided by the total number of keywords your impressions were targeting. This number should give you a better idea about how you are reaching your target audience.

Furthermore, try to increase impressions by decreasing your targeted demographics. Too many groups can hinder the quality of your ad’s overall reach.


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Are You Looking for a Google Adwords Consultant?

All in all, we know that you need to enhance your Googles ads campaign. By following our tips, you can expect there to be a sure-fire success for your company. Visit us today to get started!

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