As the most widely used search engine, Google makes competition for attention more difficult every day. While the tool allows everyone the ability to be seen, the vast amount of businesses competing means you need to stand out. Helping people find your business with Google AdWords advertising is tapping into the true potential of the search engine. But how does this help your business?

what are google adwords

Google AdWords Allow You to be Found

The benefit of using Google AdWords is directly tied into the benefit of Google for your company. Ranking high on the most popular search engine will attract business to your web page, as well as build your online reputation. Any business, any size, can be found on the first page of Google. The key is using Google AdWords to compete on the same level as a larger business. Being seen when your audience is searching is the driving factor behind increasing your web page traffic. With Google AdWords, you will be using the most effective way to advertise to reach the right people at the right time and attract more customers.

How Does It Work?

By using paid search your business can see dramatic results, but how does the process work? To begin, your business must consider what your audience would be searching to find your web page. The advertisement will be based on the search engine results page (SERP) from your keywords. By paying to have your website on the SERP, you can guarantee your web page will be the highest-ranking searches. However, it’s not this simple. Understandably, there will be multiple other companies wanting to serve adverts to those audiences.  So how do you make yours stand out?


With all the competition in your specific industry, simply paying for an ad is not enough. If you are interested in your ad appearing at all, you need to actively bid against other marketers on how much you are willing to pay Google AdWords every time your ad is clicked on. This is how Google AdWords operates. The more you pay-per-click (PPC), the better chances your ad will have of appearing first in the search results. PPC is a great thing for small businesses, as businesses have the opportunity to rank higher, depending on the budget they want to allocate. PPC does an excellent job of keeping paid searches fair, but Google goes even further to help direct traffic properly.

Quality Scoring

Google ranks AdWords with a quality score based on multiple factors regarding your search. Based on the how relevant your page content is to your search terms and how many clicks it has generated so far, your page can score higher.  As well, Google considers how relevant the page your search leads to is to your search term. So, landing on your home page is not good enough. If your audience is having to work to search your page for information you are going to see added ad expenses and missed opportunities. Google takes their quality score very seriously, and you can even outrank a higher bid, simply by having a better quality score.

what are google adwords

Google Ads are complicated but worth it. Don’t waste your efforts. Guarantee an effective campaign with our Google AdWords services. Our expertly crafted campaigns will give your business the potential to reach the entire world’s search audience and grow more than ever before. Contact our experienced team to learn how we can improve your business through Google AdWords today!

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