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On Tuesday, May 23rd, important new announcements were made at the Google Next Marketing Conference. For digital marketers, this is welcome news for improvements on Google AdWords functionality and reporting. The three biggest announcements were related to accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), Google Attribution and Store Sales Measurement. These tools are will improve marketer’s accuracy and effectiveness with online paid advertisements. These updates were made with the common goal that “all consumer interactions must be smarter with data.”


Improve AdWords with Google Attribution


Mobile internet accessibility has changed the game forever. The behavior of everyday consumers has become increasingly fluid. According to the Google Next Marketing Conference, an average American is now shopping on a staggering five different devices. That changes the way we view the effectiveness of an advertisement. The device that a customer purchases on is no longer assumed to be the same screen where the first impression was made. Google has introduced improved artificial intelligence to understand the buying behavior of customers across multiple devices. The new data-driven model will show the difference in conversions for each channel that contains your Ads. Also, generic search and display Ads will now get more credit for converted sales. This improvement will give marketers an accurate view of how customers react or do not react, to certain message strategies.


using google adwords attribution update

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)


With the shift in behavior becoming increasingly digital, there are improvements to the user experience that are changing the way mobile users access information for the better. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project originating from Google and Twitter that improves access speed to pages on mobile devices. AMP is a lean programming language written to be extremely fast on mobile devices. With most smartphone users abandoning pages that take more than three seconds to load, this technology is crucial to mobile advertising success. The code on AMPs is limited to simplified designs that put less strain on mobile data. Currently, this style has been mostly used by news organizations who appear at the top of Google searches for topics that involve breaking news. However, this technology will soon be widely adopted by marketers targeting a wide variety of mobile users.


google adwords are better with AMP

Store Sales Measurement


Most online marketers know the struggle of showing the impact of dollars spent in a store that online advertisements drive. The new location extensions introduced at the Google Marketing Next event aim to fix this issue. Google Director of Product Management, Kishore Kanakamedela, used ‘Wendy’s’ as a case study to the effectiveness of this tool. According to Kanakamedela, Wendy’s could track over a million store visits that were directly driven by a YouTube campaign. Google also has the competitive advantage of company partnerships that cover 70 percent of credit and debit card purchases in the United States. Therefore, companies with loyalty programs can upload their database into Google AdWords to gain access to detailed information about the effect their Ads had on purchases. These new insights will effectively allow for marketers to be smarter about how they advertise online.


Taking Advantage of New Google AdWords Tools


The internet marketing community is buzzing trying to make sense of these new opportunities announced at the Google Marketing Next Conference. Is your company ready to implement the new tools into its digital marketing? Digital Resource, an internet marketing firm, studies these trends extensively to provide cutting edge online advertising for their clients. Request a free internet marketing analysis to gain insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses in online presence.

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