Google Adwords Optimization | 3 Things to Know About Quality Score

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You’ve created a Google ad and finally published it. Now what? Google will analyze your ad campaign based on its quality score. You must pay close attention to this because it is an indicator of how successful or poor the campaign is performing. Keep reading for more tips about how Google Adwords optimization boosts your campaign!

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How Does Quality Score Impact My Campaign?

1. CTR

In the first place, the quality score is measured by your CTR. Your click-through-rates (CTR) are essential for determining your ad’s performance. Your CTR is achieved by the number of users who actually click on the ad and spend time reading more than half of the content.

So, if you have a weak headline try to improve your CTR by using attention-grabbing phrases!


2. Relevance

Moreover, relevance is dictated by the use of keywords and verbiage in accordance to your campaign’s topic. How relevant are your ads based on user search terms to your ad? Google’s quality score service analyzes this notion.

Therefore, make sure that you are using the right verbiage that targets your intended audience. Relevance also takes into account how well your landing pages match up to the ad itself.


3. Performance

Furthermore, the ad’s overall performance will be strongly scored. The performance will analyze your reach based on your targeted demographic groups such as location and age. Are you reaching the number of people that you set out in your goals?  If not, performance allows you to make the necessary edits to optimize your campaign.


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Do You Need Google Adwords Optimization?

All in all, always take Google’s quality score as a reference to launching a successful ad campaign. We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today for a directory listing scan!

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