Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads | Where Should My Business Invest Energy?

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If a small business is looking for a way to grow in the digital world, they often look towards Facebook ads and Google AdWords. While both Facebook ads and Google AdWords offer businesses great opportunities to reach customers, there are some key differences between the two. Which type of internet advertising is right for you? Keep reading to find out!

Where Should Your Business Invest Energy: google adwords or facebook ads


Targeting plays a large role in the success of your internet advertising campaign. In this regard, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are very different. Facebook Ads targets people based on their demographics. These ads can target specific locations, ages, interests and more! Meanwhile, Google AdWords targets people based on keywords, not demographics. This means that any user searching for your keywords will see your ad. Both Facebook and Google clearly target certain people but in two entirely different ways.

Audience Timing:

When users search on Google, they are looking for something specific. As a result, when it comes catching potential customers at the right time, Google ads are the clear winner. When you devote time and money to creating a Google AdWords campaign, you are placing your business in front of the audience that is already prepared to make a purchase. However, Facebook does not completely fall short in this category. The ability to target audiences efficiently with your ads means that the right people are hearing about your business. They may not be in the buying stage of their journey, but they will remember your business when they finally are.

Ad Quality:

When it comes to internet ads, the more information you can share with your audience, the better. For this reason, Facebook is clearly the winner when considering ad quality. Facebook allows your business to use graphics, photos, videos, and up to 90 characters for text in their ads. That being said, Google AdWords still grants you the opportunity to get your point across that to the fact that it offers basic text with 30 character limits on titles and 80 word limit on description lines.

Ad Tracking:

Fortunately, both Facebook ads and Google AdWords allow your business to efficiently track and measure the success of your campaigns. The ability to track is essential. Thanks to ad tracking, you can continue to create and optimize ads until they perfect. Not to mention, using tracking to understand the impact your ads will continue to improve your online presence well beyond your ad campaign.

should i invest in google adwords or facebook ads

Your Business Needs to Invest in Both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

When you compare Facebook ads and Google AdWords, it becomes clear that a strong ad campaign can have a huge positive impact on your business. So which one is best for your business? The answer is both! Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords can help your business reach new levels of success. However, in order to set up an effective ad campaign today, you need a devoted and knowledgeable team by your side. Luckily, Digital Resource can assist you in all of your internet advertising efforts.  Contact our internet marketing agency today to learn more!

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