Google My Business Update | Should My Restaurant Post Its Menu?

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Have you ever been on-the-go and suddenly have the pang for a particular snack? Well, mobile users may not have to comb through the pages of slow, awkwardly designed menu PDFs that all too many restaurants have. That latest Google My Business update allows restaurant listings to add their menu to their listing page.

What Is the Google My Business Update?

You may be confused as to why this is a new update. In the past, restaurant listings have been able to link to their menu or add use a third-party email. But, this new feature will let businesses create structured menus under the Google My Business Info tab. They’ll be able to add multiple sections, including appetizers, entrees, drinks, and more. There’s also the option to include the title, description, and price. An important note is that this will only be available on mobile.

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Should Your Restaurant Post Its Menu?

The short answer is: yes. The follow-up is: Why not? Businesses use Google My Business to make information easily and readily available to users. So, the more information, the better. Plus, having your menu in such a convenient place is great for the user experience. And, this can be a great first impression and get more people in the door from a mobile search.

What Information Should I Have on My Google Business Listing?

In addition to posting your menu, there is some key information that is essential to having an optimized Google My Business listing. First of all, you should have your store’s address. If people find your listing and not your address, how do you expect them to lead to a conversion? Also, you need to have your business’s hours. Lastly, try implementing multimedia elements, including photos of food and your location.

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