Google Rankings | What Are Search Rankings Based On?

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So, here’s the million dollar question: what are Google rankings based on? The simple answer? A lot of things. In fact, Google’s complex algorithm takes into account more than 200 factors when it ranks search results for a specific query. Luckily for digital marketers, the framework for better ranking on Google has been constructed and widely agreed upon. Taking the time to consider all 200 factors is impractical and somewhat counterproductive – there are more productive applications of your time. Instead, continue reading and put your primary focus on a few of the main ingredients for successful SEO campaigns.

How can I improve my websites Google rankings?

Quality Content & Keyword Relevancy

Not surprisingly, the quality and originality of your content are crucial to achieving that first-page ranking. Ideally, content should focus on a single topic. This will make it easier for Google to know what you are trying to rank for. Before developing content, think about a relevant keyword you’d like to target. Next, think about the “search phrase” someone will use to find your page. Having these factors in mind from the start will shape your content into something useful for the end user. Google’s algorithm will also consider the length and readability of your content. In general, content should be longer than 300 words. It also needs to be easy to read, with simple sentence structure and minimum passive voice throughout.

Backlinks & Images

Perhaps one of the most important factors, content must contain quality links for Google to consider it a valuable resource. Once upon a time, Google’s algorithm only considered a page’s total link count. Learning this “glitch”, content writers created an abundance of low-quality links to boost their rankings. Nowadays, low-quality backlinks can negatively impact a site’s ranking. It is important to link to only reputable online sources, and the more diverse of a range you can link to – the better.  Additionally, it’s a good idea to use both internal and external links throughout your content.

Another simple way to potentially increase your Google ranking? Add images to your content. Images can infuse extra life into a blog, and Google likes to direct it’s users to relevant and entertaining sources. But simply adding pictures is not enough – you must tell Google what each image relates to. Do so by optimizing the image title and the alt text of the image. For example, the focus keyword for this article is “Google rankings” – so the title for one image is: “Google-rankings-formula” and the image alt text is: “How can I increase my website’s Google rankings?”

Technical Factors

In this day and age, Google rightfully places an emphasis on whether the content is mobile-friendly. Over half of all search queries come from a mobile device, so optimizing content for this audience is a good practice. Google also considers page speed when crawling and indexing your site. What if your site takes longer than a couple seconds to load? Google may not even take the time to crawl your entire site. User experience is Google’s primary goal – and let’s face it, slow pages are no fun.

What factors determine my Google rankings?

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