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Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. In fact, every year Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times. As a leading Florida SEO company, we make it our mission to stay on top of these Google updates. While most of these changes are minor, Google does occasionally roll out a major update. These major updates possess the potential to affect your business’s Google ranking in a huge way. Well, Google just released a MAJOR update that was 2 years in the making; and it’s one that your business definitely needs to know about. Keep reading to learn all about the latest Google update!

What’s the Latest Google Update?

what's the latest google update florida seo company

Google’s most recent update is all about its Penguin algorithm. This in Penguin’s fourth major release, making it Penguin 4.0, and took 2 years to complete. Initially introduced in 2012, Penguin is a filter designed to capture sites that are spamming Google’s search results. In other words, Penguin catches and penalizes spammy websites.

Penguin’s latest release allows this filter to work in real-time. With this update, changes are visible much faster. As Google crawls and indexes pages, the Penguin filter now constantly assesses them without any delays.

But that’s not all. Google also said this new update is “more granular” with Penguin becoming more page-specific, not sitewide. This means that it only devalues spam links instead of penalizing entire sites.

Overall, Penguin 4.0 is an invaluable asset to Google. It eliminates the noise of link spam and allows real, value-driven links to shine through.

How Will Penguin 4.0 Affect Your Business?

Penguin 4.0 possesses the potential to greatly affect your business. Specifically, it possesses the potential to greatly affect the Google ranking of your business. And as you probably already know, the better your Google ranking, the better chance you have at getting new leads!

The newest Penguin filter does this by providing more immediate rewards for legitimate SEO practices. This is possible because the update devalues spam efficiently. As a result, there is now more of an emphasis on real strategies and less on manipulation. Basically, Penguin 4.0 helps businesses that use best SEO practices rank higher and faster than ever before.

However, the improvements made to Penguin 4.0 can only help your Google ranking if you use a successful and respected Florida SEO company. Shady individuals and companies that claim to offer great SEO often provide spammy services. Thanks to Google’s latest update, this will hurt your search rankings more than ever. Businesses have to now take the extra time to make sure that they are using a trusted company that actual knows and understands SEO.

latest google update florida seo company

Do you want to get the most out of the latest Google update? Our Florida SEO company can help!

 Google is constantly changing; make sure your SEO techniques are changing with it! Staying up to speed on the latest Google updates, such as Penguin 4.0, is the only way to ensure that your business gets, and maintains, great search rankings for years to come. Start getting the most out of the latest Google updates by connecting with our Florida SEO company! Contact us today for a free SEO analysis!

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