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When it comes to redesigning your website, you want to be sure to incorporate the most important elements of modern contemporary page design. Here are three principles to consider when making changes or designing a new site with a graphic design agency.

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Make it easier for readers to get the info.

Consistent and easy to read typography are paramount to the readability of a page. This will affect how quickly readers can get information from your page and how easy it is to find. For the last decade, one of the most successful fonts in advertising has been the simple usage of Helvetica. Ideally, a page should be short and to the point.


Responsive Images

Get your static images to work for you.

Images that are themselves linked to other pages are great for SEO. By having your images work for you rather than being static background, you can improve the compatibility of your site with the way Google scans webpages for listings. Link building with images is fantastic for optimization.


Background Video

A new and exciting way to engage visitors.

One of the most recent developments in design that has been very effective is the use of background video or “moving images”. Video is more effective at creating an overall image for your business than static images and is also more attractive to the eye. Moving images refers to a video of a nearly still subject running on a loop to create the illusion of a moving photo.

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Graphic Design Agency

Digital Resource is here to help you bring your web design into the 21st century. Intuitive design concepts are a big part of our strategy. Call us today if you have any questions.

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