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Graphic design can be difficult to learn and master, but with the right designer, you can realize anything you can imagine on a live web page. Here are a few design elements any graphic artist should know before constructing a logo or a full web page. Design makes a big difference in the perceived value of your particular brand. Making your designs effective and appealing can take practice, but will give way to positive results if implemented correctly.

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White Space

Negative space isn’t always so negative.

One of the best design techniques to come out of the last century in terms of digital graphics is the use of white space and simplicity to get a point across without having too much of a distraction. The best examples of this technique have been Apple, with their heavy use of white space with centered subjects that inspire simple yet powerful designs that speak for themselves. One of the best aspects of this design principle is that it is very easy for beginners in graphic design because it is simple to implement.

White space can drastically help visitors focus on a certain piece of text or graphic image, making it much easier to navigate your website without the distraction of many different colors, fonts, buttons and other things that may cause a visitor and potential customer to lose interest in your webpage. This is especially important for landing pages or social media posts because one image is usually all you have to convince someone to look at your content and to strike interest. White space remains one of the best ways to get across an idea without using any words.



Make it into a statement.

As techniques for applying color and imagery to webpages has changed over the last few decades, fonts have also changed considerably and have been used for progressively different reasons depending on the subject matter wherein they are being used. One example of powerful development in font was the development of Helvetica in the ’70s, which created an entire wave of design with simple, clean lines and block lettering to better advertise text over a distance. This wave has continued into modern web design because as monitors have developed a clearer picture, the need for clean lines and bold text has followed suit.

Always consider what font you are using in combination with other design elements. If your font is hard to read or disproportionate, it could cause problems in terms of creating a perceived value attention retention from visitors. Fonts are incredibly important in establishing the feel of your webpage. A fast food restaurant, for example, should be hesitant to use a cursive script, as they might oversell their product while a fine French restaurant would use it to display their status among other institutions. Font plays an important role in how we perceive brands and the values that their respective companies hold.

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Text Structure

Build up your text like a strong building.

In combination with images and functional things like buttons and links, you should always be considerate of how you structure your text and how you lay out information. The order of information on a page should follow a hierarchy wherein the most important information is displayed from the top down, and from right to left. This will help anyone who is visiting your site to find what they are looking for immediately, as opposed to wading through multiple paragraphs to find the most pertinent information.

Using this strategy you can increase your ability to retain visitors and keep them on pages for longer, helping them to trust your website over others and establish credibility for your brand one landing page at a time. Structure is one of the most important tools in visitor retention. By keeping a consistent structure you can make posts and content that is easy to navigate and digest, making it easier for people to use your services in the first place.



Get every aspect of your page on the straight and narrow.

Keeping in mind where your straight lines are is extremely important, especially if you have a lot of design elements and your page is not centered on a 90-degree angle. This means that if some of the text reads in a way that is not straight, it should at least conform to other elements on the page for the sake of consistency. Making your information accessible and easy to read is absolutely crucial to producing effective content that gets results. Pay extra attention to your alignments if you wish to create a structurally sound text profile. It is best for most situations that you stick to vertically and horizontally level designs as they are the easiest to work with at first.



Start off from scratch for something truly unique.

When it comes to creating a unique design from scratch, one of the best methods for design remains the use of sketching and scanning. By starting out on paper, you have nearly endless possibilities in terms of design, because you are not limited by the functions of any one program. Using the sketching method you are able to use more fluid mediums such as paint and water-based effects that are difficult to recreate on a digital platform. This means you can take an idea from the initial paper sketch all the way to a digitally rendered file that will have much more resolution, allowing you to use it with sophisticated web designs on any display.


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Graphic Design Agency


While learning the tools and skills necessary for lasting and truly professional web design may seem time-consuming and difficult, our team has highly trained and experienced designers ready to turn your sketches into a digital reality. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our graphic design services.


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