Graphic Design Company | 11 Ways to Bridge E-commerce and Design

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It is important that you are taking advantage of the best tips and tricks for your e-commerce website. The top graphic design company ensures that you are bringing together eloquent designs to show off your best products. Let’s learn more by reading below!

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How Can I Integrate Design and Online Products?

1. Increase Loading Speed

In the first place, graphic design and e-commerce integrate well together. This is because they are mutually exclusive if you are looking to create an awesome digital marketing campaign. Your designs must have quick loading speed within 10 seconds to be considered successful.

So, we recommend sizing your designs accordingly in order to maintain quicker loading speeds. The images for your online products must be at a lower resolution as well. In doing so, you can expect users to have an uninterrupted experience whilst scouring your best products and services.


2. Target the Right People

Next, always keep in mind who you are designing for. Your designs will vary depending on the audience you are trying to target. For example, if you are targeting a mature audience, we recommend using less bold and pastel colors. However, a younger audience will be attracted to the likes of neon and brighter colors.

Although, ensure that the design fits perfectly with your own products. Every single aspect must be taken into consideration before narrowing down your e-commerce designs.


3. Mobility

In addition, mobility is what will set you apart on today’s e-commerce landscape. This means that your designs must be optimized to appear seamlessly on users’ phone screens. Be wary of overlapping text, images that are too small, or just ignoring the mobile index altogether.

So, it is essential to scale and test your designs before publishing on the website. Test both the desktop versions as well as the mobile version. By testing beforehand, it shows that you take design and e-commerce seriously.


4. Rectify Landing Pages

Also, did you know that landing pages can make all the difference for e-commerce? That’s why graphic design elements need to be incorporated in order to grab your audience’s attention. Landing pages are where users are directed to shortly after clicking on an ad online. These pages provide in-depth information regarding your own e-commerce products in order to get users to buy.

That being said, graphic design elements must be incorporated to appeal to your audience. Use great color schemes and keep the theme consistent with what you are trying to sell. Great landing pages get to the point and include a stand-out call-to-action with appropriate verbiage!


5. User Shopping Carts

Moreover, users may have items left in their shopping cart on your website. That’s why you need to make a reminder for your online visitors so they can look back at their previous shopping session. A friendly email reminder is typically the way to go.

Take advantage of graphic design by creating a template specifically for items left in a users’ shopping cart.


6. Storytelling

Adding on, storytelling is essential to getting users to understand what your end goal is. With the right graphic design services, we recommend using this design to subliminally tell a story. You can achieve this through a series of themes and color schemes. Remember, tell a story with the products you are selling on your website. Your online store is only as good as the story you are willing to tell.


7. Statement Fonts

Also, pay attention the different font styles and sizes you are looking to highlight a specific product. Ultimately, font really does make a difference. For instance, Comic Sans is geared toward setting a more playful tone versus Times New Roman which is more serious.

The size of the font is important as well because it measures readability as well as the importance to you. Use a larger sized font for the product name itself and the price. However, use a slightly smaller-sized font for the description box.


8. Video Inclusion

So, videos are not a new tactic to use in digital marketing. However, e-commerce websites greatly benefit from this where users can see how a product works. Use creativity within the video by editing it and using the appropriate animations.

We recommend making the videos as engaging as possible. This involves using verbiage that sets your company apart and explaining what the product is and does.


9. Product Reviews

In essence, product reviews are essential to getting people to gravitate toward your products. Try enlisting product reviews directly on your website. This should be located on the actual page of the product itself. Have users choose this option from a drop-down from the description of the product with a design that is uniquely yours.


10. Invest in a Search Bar

This may seem like an obvious detail, but a search bar makes your e-commerce website more appealing. Not only that, the search bar really makes it easier for your audience to look up items on your site. Make the bar visible to your audience so they know that this option is easily accessible to them.


11. Consistent Branding

Last but not least, it is important that you are keeping your branding consistent throughout. The branding message should be denoted with company colors or images that make it uniquely you. Don’t forget to add a company logo on your photos or throughout your pages to make your stamp on your territory.


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