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One of the biggest challenges of designing a new site for any business is search engine optimization. Here are a few ways you can overhaul your website and make it friendlier to visitors and search engines.


Keep it simple and easy to use.

The key to a minimalistic design is only keeping the information that is most vital, leaving your design with a simple interface that still has the most pertinent information. Keeping information clean and easy to process will help keep readers attention and screen time in general. As design improves, it is the designer’s job to keep the information in order.



Put the most important information up front.

When it comes to web design, hierarchy refers to the level of importance of certain information and pages. Using this principle, you should be able to identify which information should be on the homepage and what pages should be in close proximity to the homepage. This will help readers find the most important information first.


Easy Navigation

Make it easy to get around and find what you need.

Making your website easy to navigate will help search engines index your content, making it easier to rank in related searches. Your menu should be easy to see and use, as well as links attached to images. Organizing your page this way improves both user friendliness and search engine optimization. Users should be able to navigate anywhere with only a few clicks.

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Graphic Design Services

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