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Pinterest is a great social media platform for businesses of any industry or size! Dentists, restaurants, stores, etc. can all benefit from a Pinterest business account. Pinterest is a great marketing tool, as you can ‘pin’ your services and products to different ‘boards’ on your page. But more than just creating a Pinterest business account, it’s important to grow it. Keep reading to find out how you can grow your Pinterest business account by getting more likes and followers! 

Give Your Pinterest Followers What They Want

Pinterest followers are always looking for things to buy.  If you are offering a service or product, create a pin about it! By giving your followers what they want, they will thank you. Just make sure to include the price and a link of where to get it in your caption. Pins that include the price get 36% more likes than those without! Not only will this grow your Pinterest business account, but grow your business as well. And isn’t that the whole point of social media marketing in the first place?!

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Interact with Other Pinterest Accounts

When you interact with other Pinterest accounts, they and their followers will likely interact back. When looking for miscellaneous content to include on your boards, make sure to repin from others too. This will help create relevant third-party content that can draw users to your Pinterest business account. Pinterest gains 80% of their content from re-pins so also make sure that your content is something that will appeal to many users across many boards. Make sure to follow back, respond to and comment on other users images and messages! This is a great way to create connections and grow your Pinterest page.

Other Useful Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Business Account

While giving followers what they want and interacting with other accounts will help your Pinterest business account grow immensely, why stop there?! Here are some other useful tips to get your Pinterest business page to its fullest potential:

  • Use the Pin Button: By installing the pin-it button to your businesses website or blog, this allows for customers to share content easily. This also creates links back to your site!
  • Include Keywords: Both captions and the “about” section of your business’s Pinterest page is a great way to include keywords. This will make it easier for your target audience and potential customers to find and follow you.
  • Link With Other Social Media Accounts: Linking between your Pinterest account and all of your accounts on different social media platforms will help you bring followers from those accounts. Place links to your Pinterest page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and start seeing your amount of Pinterest followers increase rapidly!
  • Pin Frequently: We suggest adding 5-6 pins every week or so. This helps to build your boards and increase pin views. Furthermore, it will keep followers coming back for more!

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If you haven’t already started using Pinterest for business, there’s no better time to start than now. Confused about how to get your Pinterest business account started? Our team of Internet Marketing professionals in West Palm Beach can help. Connect with us online or call us at (561) 429-2585 today!

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