How Can I SEO My Business? | SEO Myths Debunked

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Over the past several years, a number of myths have emerged about search engine optimization (SEO). For many businesses online, these misconceptions can cause some confusion. You may be wondering, how can I SEO my business? How do I know what’s true and what’s not? Keep reading to avoid believing these common SEO myths.

In order to get traffic that converts from search engines, you have to stop believing the myths. Keep reading to avoid believing these common SEO myths that keep hardworking businesses from improving their search traffic and rankings.How Can I SEO My Business?

1) SEO is a scam

Anyone who understands SEO can tell you that this is not true. If it was a scam, then how does the process bring in repeated results time and time again?

This myth stems from companies seeking quick and easy wins with little effort. For them, SEO didn’t work, so it must have been a scam. In most cases, however, SEO involves real effort and commitment. After effort is put it in, increased traffic and additional rewards appear.

2) Google doesn’t need SEO

If you expect search engines to find your site and deliver your pages to valuable users just by creating URLs, you will be disappointed. Google is smart, but it’s not magic.

What’s forgotten by believers of this myth is that search engines strive to mimic human behavior and use human generated signals (such as links and engagement metrics) to rank sites.

As a result, every page needs to unique, valuable, and contain technical clues to help search engines sort them from the billions of possible pages on the web. Without these qualities, Google will NOT figure it out and your search engine marketing attempt will fail.

3) You only need to do SEO once

It’s sad to see search traffic fall over time, but that is what happens if you don’t maintain your SEO effort. It is essential that businesses routinely practice it.

If you don’t continually invest in SEO, you risk your website getting lost in the competition, forgotten by new search engine algorithms, links rotting, content getting outdated, and new published pages not being up to par.

4) SEO is something I can hand off to IT

There seems to be perception that SEO requires some technical expertise, and since it is technical, IT can just do the work. While there is a technical component to SEO, it requires much more than just technical chops.

SEO is part art and part science. Technical knowledge alone isn’t enough to have a superior SEO strategy. It’s important to have professionals with all of these skill sets handle SEO.

5) SEO is a quick fix

As much as people wish this to be true, you just can’t rush some things. Truly good SEO takes time. It’s extremely important for any business that is posting online to understand that. You can create a great site and use the best optimization practices, but it will still take time for your site to rank well.

Be patient. Your site ranking will improve if you keep doing the right things. SEO is an excellent and valuable tool, but it’s definitely not a quick fix.Relationship Between SEO Results and Time

Now that you know what the common SEO myths are, don’t let them hold you back. You have the capacity to reach countless individuals through your website, all you have to do is invest in your site’s SEO. Now you can begin to answer the question, how can I SEO my business?

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