How Long Does It Take for My SEO Strategy to Work?

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Has your business created an SEO strategy with hopes of climbing your way to the top of search results? While many businesses have done the same, they are wondering why they aren’t seeing immediate results. Are you wondering how long it will be before you see results? If so, keep reading!

While it is hard to give a direct answer for how long SEO takes to work, most businesses can expect to see SEO results within 4-6 months. This does not necessarily mean your rankings have improved, but your keywords are probably ranking better at this point. Good SEO results will grow over time. Since every business has a different SEO campaign, the length of time it takes to see results varies. If you’re not making a continuous effort to improve your SEO strategy, then you likely will have a longer period of waiting time until you see results. Continuously working on your SEO strategy is a MUST if you want to see a huge impact. So what can you do to continuously work on your SEO strategy? Some things include: being active on social media (social signals do affect SEO), incorporate a link building strategy, optimize the content on your page, and keep creating new content! The more content, the better effect it will have on your SEO in the long run.

Takes time for SEO Strategy to work


Good things take time, right? Well, SEO is one of these things. There are a number of factors that impact why the time of SEO results can vary such as, the level of competition for keywords, the life span of your website, how much content is on your page, and what SEO efforts have been done in the past. Think about what Google is looking for when crawling the web. Relevant content and credible sites, right? Well, one good indicator of a credible page is how long your site has been active. Search engines love new, fresh, unique content. So posting more content, means search engines will have more of a reason to frequently visit your page. Maintaining your SEO strategy seems like a lot of work, so will it be worth it? The answer is yes. SEO leads are 14 times more likely to close than outbound leads!

SEO Strategy Takes Time to grow business

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and becoming more advanced to ensure they deliver the best results and avoid ranking those who try to cheat their way to the top. Though an SEO strategy is an effective marketing tool, it is not a quick route. That’s why it is important to remember that in order for your SEO strategy to be successful, you have to stay committed to it for the long run. Bottom line, don’t give up too early on your SEO strategy or become discouraged if you feel like you aren’t seeing results. Stay patient with your SEO strategy and rewards will come.

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