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Are you wondering how to get customer reviews for your business? Are you wanting more social media engagement? If you continue reading, you will learn how to get customers to review your business and services,  and you will see the increase of interaction on your social media platforms!

asking how to get customer reviews to increase social media engagement


Typically, customers will leave a review for a company only if they had a negative experience. This is why there can tend to be more negative reviews than positive when you’re researching for a new service. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company provides a bad or unreliable service, but, unfortunately, that’s how customers look to solve problems. It’s their way of saying, “I’m angry and I will put you on blast until I’m satisfied.”

How to Get Customer Reviews to Increase Social Media Engagement

Ask in Person

One of the easiest approaches on how to get customer reviews is by asking in person. The employees that work one-on-one with customers have the biggest opportunity to ask for feedback.

Did you overhear a customer raving about an interaction with one of your employees?
Ask for a review.

Did a customer compliment the service they received when trying to fix an issue?
Ask for a review.

Did you make a good connection with a customer to make them feel welcome and important? Ask for a review.

The fact that you’re directing customers to your social media pages will also help with overall social media engagement. More traffic, more opportunities.

Have an Incentive

Another great approach on how to get customer reviews is through enticing them with an incentive. Everyone loves perks, so before asking them for a favor, do them a favor. Offer them a percentage off, or dollars off to get them on board. You may find “throwing in a little extra something” works just as well. Perks will vary from business to business, so make sure to do what’s best for your company.

If you’re a small or new company, with not a lot of room to be handing out incentives, try enticing your employees instead. Let’s take a restaurant, for instance. Ever thought of bribing the servers with a free meal or a dollar for each review that mentions their name? Not only does it take the focus off of what the customer could get out of it, but it forces the servers to give even better service. At this point, there will be no room for customers to give anything but a 5-star review! It can become a friendly, in-house competition.

Online? No Problem.

Do you run an online company that has no face-to-face contact? There are still tactics for how to get customer reviews! After making an online purchase, there is typically a confirmation email. In this situation, you can incorporate a “How Was Your Experience?” call-to-action link and inform your customer that they will receive an incentive for leaving a review. It’s important to attract your customers to “leave a review”, and not “leave a 5-star review”. You don’t want to be known for buying your stars.

Do You Know Where To Go?

When thinking about how to get customer reviews, you want to choose locations that are easy to access and navigate. A few popular places to go include: Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The more sites on which your company has reviews, the more your company’s name gets out, and therefore, the more traffic brought to your website and social media pages. Thus, bringing in more social media engagement.

how to get customer reviews to benefit social media engagement


You now know how to get customer reviews to help increase your social media engagement. It’s a relatively easy process, you just have to put forth the effort of asking. When you experience an increase in social media engagement from the influx of reviews, reach out to us so we can help you manage your accounts! We specialize in SEO and web design which is sure to even further accelerate your business.

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