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Facebook engagement is a critical aspect of any social media strategy. Up to 25% of all traffic to websites is now driven by Facebook posts. In the past, just writing a Facebook post and asking for a LIKE, share, or comment was all it took to receive active Facebook engagement on your business page. Today it takes far more than that. To get your audience to engage, you have to get creative.

Is your business struggling with Facebook engagement? Are you looking for ways to improve your Facebook engagement? Then keep reading. Here are 6 ways to increase your Facebook engagement today!What are ways I can increase facebook engagement?

  1. Start a Contest

Contests are a great way to increase Facebook engagement. In fact, 35% of Facebook fans like a page so they can participate in contests. Give away gift certificates and discounts to people who engage. This not only rewards loyal fans, but it gets followers excited and causes them to frequently check you page to check if they won. The thrill of potentially getting something for free is a great incentive, and would most likely have little cost when compared with the Facebook engagement payoff.

  1. Make Use of Visuals

Light up the newsfeed and increase Facebook engagement with eye-catching visuals. Images stand out significantly more than a mere status update or link. Utilize interesting quotes, beautiful graphics, entertaining videos, or anything else that might stop followers from scrolling to engage with your page. Try to use a similar look with all of your images to create easy recognition and brand awareness.

  1. Create Valuable Content

Increase Facebook engagement by creating valuable content. This is the most effective way to build loyalty and trust with your audience. Make use of your skills and experience by giving away tips and tutorials with no-strings-attached. Valuable content will keep your followers coming back for more.

  1. Ask Questions

One great way to get you followers to engage is to give them something to talk about. Questions are a great way to spark dialogue on your page and responses on your posts. Research shows that question posts lead to 100% more comments. Ask you audience questions about current events or important changes within your industry. Make your audience think and eager to respond. Not only does this increase Facebook engagement, but it offers valuable insight into what matters most to your fans.

  1. Post Trending Topics

Posting about trending topics capitalizes on conversations happening right now in your field. Sharing a hot news story will turn Facebook into a virtual water cooler. You followers will discuss their thoughts with others. They might even share it. You can also use tagging and hashtags to give trending posts more visibility. Facebook engagement will increase significantly as a result.

  1. Be Consistent

The last ingredient you need to generate Facebook engagement is consistency. To do this, try creating a posting calendar. This lets you plan ahead so that you don’t have to rush last minute to find content to share. You can then schedule your posts to publish regularly throughout the week. The ideal amount to post is once a day. Being consistent is how your page can remain interesting and fresh. Don’t forget to post at the best times for your target audience as well.How can I increase facebook engagement?

Even if you are currently struggling with engagement on Facebook, don’t give up. With more than 1.3 billion users, Facebook can be a resource. All you need to do is create the right type of content that will inspire and encourage interactions. It’s important to remember, however, that what works for one company might not work for another. Make sure you find the tactics that work the best for you and your business.

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