How to Market Online Using Facebook in 2017

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With a new year, comes changes and new ways of doing things. It’s also the perfect time to change your online strategies accordingly. If  you have already prepared your SEO strategy for 2017, it’s now time to revamp your Facebook marketing strategy. The year 2017 will introduce a lot of new tools and techniques for marketing through Facebook. If you want to be on top of the game and know how to market online with Facebook in 2017, keep reading!

Facebook is one of the most popular and strongest social media platforms today. There are over 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users, a number that is just too big to ignore. Having a social presence on Facebook is important, but it’s key to use the platform to the best of your ability. With social media trends continuously changing, it’s critical to keep your online strategy up to date! Check out these 3 tips for how to market online with Facebook in 2017 below!

3 Tips On How To Market Online With Facebook:

Use Videos

Videos are taking over the online world. As they grow in popularity everyday, they’re vital to introduce to your Facebook content marketing strategy. Video is now an important aspect of user’s experience on Facebook. In fact, 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook everyday. To be sure you don’t let your competition get ahead of you, you need to keep up on this growing trend. It’s also estimated that about 50% of Facebook users view at least one video a day before they leave the site. Posting videos will help your page get more engagement and attract more users.

Not only should you be taking advantage of posting video content, but Facebook’s Live Video feature is also going to support 360-degree videos by early 2017. This will give users a whole new experience while using video on Facebook. You can use the Facebook Live 360-degree feature to give consumers an insider look at your business, while allowing your viewers to ask questions and leave comments live. Start using videos for your 2017 Facebook marketing and watch your engagement skyrocket!

 Find out how to market online using Facebook for success in 2017!

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads and Ad Tools

If you aren’t using Facebook ads, then 2017 is one-hundred percent the time to jump on this amazing tool. Facebook ads offer the most advanced form of targeting, and since these options are always changing who knows what Facebook will surprise us with in 2017! Stay up to date with new targeting options and you’ll be able to create ads targeting your most ideal customer ever. Another major tool to take advantage of, and also upgrade to, is the new Facebook Ad Pixel. Facebook has announced that in early 2017, they will be removing the conversion tracking pixel. Instead, the conversion pixel and custom audience pixel will be combined. Facebook recommends upgrading to the latest pixel as soon as possible. Below is a comparison of the older pixels and the Facebook pixel.

I need to learn how to market online using Facebook in 2017


Create Messenger Chatbots

Did you know users and businesses exchange one billion messages every month via Facebook messenger? This past year, businesses were now able to set up a bot within Facebook messenger. These Facebook bots are an automated piece of software that can help with simple tasks, such as ordering flowers. With these chatbots, your business is able to have a customer service representative that never sleeps! These chatbots can be set up to answer questions, give product suggestions, and even process orders. A chatbot for your business will help better your customer service, thus bettering the user’s experience.

As years change and Facebook changes, so will your Facebook marketing campaign. If you need help staying up to date on the latest trends or adjusting your Facebook marketing campaign, contact our West Palm Beach social media marketing company today! We are experts in social media and love helping business’ grow their online presence! Get a FREE internet marketing analysis today or give us a call at 561-429-2585!

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