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An important part of an effective internet marketing strategy is to know your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? Once that is established, you can begin to gather the best tips and tricks to most effectively reach that audience. One group you may be trying to target is seniors. Seniors are contributing more and more to online activity and are more frequently going online to find information. In fact, 60.7% of people over the age of 65 will be using the internet by 2018. It’s time to take advantage of this growing demographic! With these simple tips from our internet marketing company, you’ll learn how to market online to seniors in no time!

How to Market Online to Seniors

Build Trust

Seniors are more likely to spend time researching products and services before making a final decision. A recent study shows seniors usually click on an average of 7 links before making a purchase decision, opposed to millennials who are quick to make purchases. Seniors are known for developing long-term brand loyalty. So although you may need to invest more time to reach a senior audience, it will be worth it in the long run.

Don’t ignore Social Media

Did you know that about 59% of seniors are using a social networking site daily? Or that they are the fastest growing demographic among social networks? Facebook is not only the most popular social network among the younger generation, but it’s also a favorite among seniors. To better target seniors through Facebook, post content that is relevant and beneficial to them. This includes things such as heartfelt stories about grandchildren or tips to staying healthy as you age. This demographic also responds better to images and stories rather than promotional posts, so keep that in mind when writing your next post.

The best tips on how to market online from our internet marketing company

Use Videos

54% of seniors are watching videos online, with 82% of them being on Youtube. Videos lend themselves to attract seniors because they are easier to process and better on the eyes. Videos can be entertaining, informative, or educational. No matter what your message is, videos are an effective way to make your content more attractive. Creating a Youtube channel, posting videos to your other social media platforms, and even using video on your website are all great ways to start capitalizing on this form of content.

Keep it Simple

Keep the information you’re sharing simple and straight forward. The more complex something seems, the more likely a senior consumer will decide to go elsewhere. Make sure descriptions of services and products or online processes easy to read and understand. Confusion will only trigger negative responses or no response at all. Also try staying away from fancy or small fonts. Many senior’s eyesight may not be what it use to be, so eliminate the struggle of hard to read text by choosing simple fonts.

And last but not last, make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly. A study by Google reports that 84% of seniors are using multiple devices to make searches and browse the internet, so be sure they can find you no matter what device they’re using!

learn how to market online to seniors effectively with these tips from our internet marketing company

Better Reach Your Target Audience with an Internet Marketing Company

If you have questions about how to market online or need help developing a successful online marketing strategy, contact our online marketing company in West Palm Beach, Florida! We are professionals in creating online marketing strategies and have helped many different types of businesses grow their presence online. Connect with our internet marketing company online today or give us a call at 561-429-2585!

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